Team of Good Deeds
We try, as often as we can, to get out of the office and join the community. We want to get involved in social
Summer is over, but we keep having fun We like to get involved in as many activities as possible outside the office and, this
‘The electric forest’ is an action we initiated thinking of our future, on environmental-friendly actions and, last but not least, nature-friendly.  Did you know
The CGS Romania team returned with 2 trophies and 4 medals from the fourth edition of the Winter Corporate Games, organized during the weekend
Winter Corporate Games is coming close to a new start and the CGS Romania team is preparing to take part in it. This will be
This year, snow gave us some headaches. There it was, there is wasn’t! But apparently it was in our favour and we are now
We are young. Most of us are students or freshly graduated, with interest in the society we live in. And for this reason, we
I was telling you here, about two weeks ago, about the awards CGS had its eye on for Corporate Games Bucharest. I say ”had
Our CGS Sibiu colleagues wanted to forget for a day that they’re grown-ups with responsibilities and, as they say, started acting childishly. They had fun,
CGS Romania joins gladly the Bike2work project, an initiative of European spirit, launched alongside 11 other European Union countries. Between May 18 and June
The average age in our company is 25, most of CGS’s employees being students or newly graduates. Through our internal initiatives, we aim to
As we were announcing here, during the weekend of 23rd to 25th of January, CGS Romania’s team formed of almost 130 employees competed against
As we repeatedly asserted, education is one of the values that we promote in CGS Romania. Our interest in this is connected to the
On the assumption that “We work together, we play together, we win together”, for the second consecutive year we put together teams and enrolled