Waxing our skis, preparing our equipment and heading out for the slopes, at the Winter Corporate Games

This year, snow gave us some headaches. There it was, there is wasn’t! But apparently it was in our favour and we are now preparing our skis and snowboards to head to the Brasov slopes, for the 4th edition of the Winter Corporate Games that will take place between the 22nd and 24th of January. Cool, no?

We put together a big team this year also. We are over 180 colleagues and our goal is to bring home as many medals as possible, as we have done so far.

So, besides slalom skiing and snowboarding, in this year’s program at the Winter Corporate Games we have sports like billiards, catch ball, shooting, table tennis, bowling, tennis and soccer in teams of 6. And, if you play volleyball on the sand at the seaside, it is interesting to play it on the snow in the mountains! We will become small snowmen!

Soccer in teams of 6, bowling, shooting and snow volleyball are among our favourites, but we also prefer skiing and billiards. So, we are off to wax our skis, pack-up our equipment because during the weekend you will find us on the SLOPES!