About CGS Romania

The American company CGS (Computer Generated Solutions) is one of the most important providers of outsourcing solutions present since 2006 on the Romanian market, being listed in the top 15 best companies in this field, in the world.

The company provides services in 22 foreign languages, with 7 support centers in: Bucharest, Brașov, Sibiu, Târgu-Jiu, Miercurea-Ciuc, Galați and Constanța.

The company’s more than 3,500 employees interact daily with clients from Romania, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and other European countries, as well as from the United States or Canada. The main services offered are customer care, technical support, help desk, telesales and other outsourced services.

The client portfolio includes companies in the Forbes Top 500, as well as top European companies. We offer intensive training sessions: more than 90% of CGS Romania’s managers started in our company on entry-level positions.

CGS Romania supports performance and involvement in an attractive work environment, with an average age of 25 years, approximately 95% of CGS employees being graduates or students of higher education institutions.

The CGS people

Throughout our development, CGS has remained true to its entrepreneurial beginnings. We prefer the speed of bureaucracy and the innovation of banality, directly aligning our objectives with the needs of our clients. Our people are the driving force behind every system, process, and partnership. Our global team of experts strives to understand the fundamental business issues that each client is trying to solve, we adapt our methodologies to fit the unique philosophy of customers, we design customized solutions and we incorporate our staff into customer organizations – so well that many times our clients do not make any difference between our team and theirs.