“BPO” refers to business process outsourcing, which is when a company outsources operations or functions to a third-party business processing service provider. There are
Neither this autumn will we be spending too much at home because there will be memorable events in Bucharest, and we will be there!
We continue to discover talents around us and, this time, we introduce to you Ștefan, the amateur athlete. We were impressed by his story
This is an event that brought together fun with the job, friends with colleagues, and personal earnings with teamwork! UEFA Champions League, an event long-awaited
The enthusiasm for the competition CGS Rocks the City has reached maximum shares last week! We will give 6 subscriptions, by draw, to Rock The City 2016, for
We are pleased of the success of our competition, Scorpions – Return to Forever! We have 10 invites to the concert on Saturday, July 16th, for
Temperatures won’t drop this year neither. We checked Accuweather and extremely hot days are expected. Last year, the Shorts Club was a real success, with
We, CGS Romania, are permanently looking for talents and today, we introduce our colleague Dragoș Rizea, student at the Faculty of Theology and writer.
With his ambitious nature, our colleague Andrei, developed a unique passion: origami art. Origami was created in Japan and it comprises of the art
The protagonist of today’s story is our colleague, Alex Bucur, a person endowed with talent both in music and theatre. An exquisite storyteller, Alex
Happy Friday! Happy Friday Campaign was unexpectedly popular among our colleagues. We started from the idea to create a joyful atmosphere in CGS’s offices
Today we meet Alexandra Alexe and her passion for cooking. Alexandra’s history with CGS started on October 29th 2012 on a large scale project
We are continuing our talent hunt and this time we present you our colleague from Brasov, Marilena Ghita. Working at CGS since 2011, Marilena
C Who doesn’t like sweets? From toffees to the most complicated cakes, they all sound tempting when going by the case of specialized stores.