Friday 13th

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Campaign was unexpectedly popular among our colleagues. We started from the idea to create a joyful atmosphere in CGS’s offices and to offer our colleagues the chance to manifest their creativity. Thus, every Friday we came to work ready for a new challenge, whether Sweet Friday with all kinds of sweets, whether Lovely Friday on Valentine’s Day or Happy Friday in slippers, when we all wore the funniest slippers we had.

So far, our colleagues have got used to receiving a funny theme for every Friday and every time they prepared for each theme with enthusiasm and impatience. These activities made us even more united and gave us the chance to know each other better, to collaborate more and to form friendships.

Did you think we exhausted all sources of inspiration? No way! It’s just that now inspiration comes from those involved, to enhance the recommended dose of fun. Therefore, as of this week, good ideas are proposed by our colleagues! I have already collected a list of crazy ideas for the next Fridays and you can’t even imagine how many Happy Fridays we are going to spend together from now on! Every week we will announce the theme for that Friday and we will congratulate the inspired colleague that came up with it.

We won’t reveal you the entire plan, because we want to enjoy together the element of surprise, but we can let you know that this week’s theme was proposed by our colleague, Andrei Boldeanu and is called… Happy Friday the 13th. Because this Friday is on the 13th of the month and according to popular belief, all bad luck emerges on such a day, we propose you to spook the evil spirits.

So let’s decorate our offices as in horror movies and disguise ourselves in monstrous creatures. You didn’t expect to celebrate Halloween in May, did you?

#HappyFriday #VinereaEAltfel #fridaythe13