CGS Romania team, a winner at the Winter Corporate Games 2016

The CGS Romania team returned with 2 trophies and 4 medals from the fourth edition of the Winter Corporate Games, organized during the weekend of January 22-24, in Brasov. The 180 employees representing the most numerous team enlisted in the competition, competed against almost 1000 corporate men and women for the Winter Corporate Games trophies and the chance to represent Romania at the global games dedicated to the corporate environment.

The CGS Romania team was enlisted at all 10 sports in the competition (skiing, snowboarding, shooting, table tennis, tennis, bowling, billiards, indoor soccer and catchball) and won the Trophy for Division 7, the Grand Award Sport for Life Trophy and 4 medals: 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Among the participants of CGS Romania with positons in the top of the events of the Winter Corporate Games, we have:

Tiberiu Nechifor (2nd place) – Billiards

Marilena Ghita (3rd place) – Billiards

Valentin Malau (3rd place) – Billiards

Radu Dan Arsene & Cosmin Moraru (4th place) –  Billiards

Adrian Stanciu & Valentin Malau (5th place) – Billiards

Camelia Macos (6th place) –  Billiards

Orsolya Torok (3rd place) – Alpine Skiing

Sergiu Iulian Gavrila (6th place) – Alpine Skiing

CGS Team – Catchball (4th place)

CGS Wolves (4th place) – Snow Volleyball

All Stars (7th place)  Snow Volleyball

Denis-Cristian Toader (4th place) – Snowboarding

Mihail Badescu (7th place) – Table Tennis

Denisa Alexandra Apostu (5th place) – Tennis

Miruna Fulea (8th place) – Tennis

Andreea Virginia Comaniciu (5th place) – Bowling

Madalina Tudor (7th place) – Bowling

Ana-Maria Bosoi & Madalina Tudor (4th place) – Bowling

CGS Romania, with employees in 4 different locations, managed, for the third year in a row to bring together its group of participants with passion for sports, encouraging team spirit and a healthy way of living.

”Proud of the CGS Romania team. Thank you, you have been excellent competitors. Thank you for your commitment and participation.”, declared Phil Friedman, President and CEO of Computer Generated Solutions.

At the same time, Mihai Dumitrescu, member of the CGS team stated that “sports educate, sports teach us to manage failures and victories, sports unite and shape characters. I am proud to have had the opportunity to participate alongside wonderful people in a fantastic competition!”.

CGS Romania was not only a participant in the Winter Corporate Games, the single winter amateur competition in Romania, but also an official partner of the event.

We play together, we win together! #CGSDreamTeam


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