We support performance in education!

As we repeatedly asserted, education is one of the values that we promote in CGS Romania. Our interest in this is connected to the fact that, in our opinion, by contributing to the education of future generations, we help developing the entire country and, implicitly, ourselves.

We are equally aware that in many parts of Romania, the process of integrating young people in the labor market is quite toilsome. Because we want to help the young people with good academic results, originating from environments that are less privileged from the point of view of job dynamics, at the end of last year we joined the City Hall and Local Council of Sfântu Gheorghe Municipality in the program for granting “Sfântu Gheorghe Scholarships”.

These excellence scholarships have been granted by the Local Council of Sfântu Gheorghe Municipality, once a year, since 2009, to 12 grade students who obtained very good results in general education. The evaluation process takes into consideration the results they obtained, and also the organization skills and cooperation with civil organizations or student councils. This year, 5 scholarships were granted on behalf of the local authorities and CGS Romania offered one more scholarship, in amount of 2000 lei to the sixth student, according to the score obtained.

Simon Ádám studies at “Székely Mikó” Theoretical High School and he is the student to whom we offered this financial aid, hoping that it will help him follow the academic track the same as until now, with very good results.

CGS Romania does not have an establishment in Sfântu Gheorghe Municipality, the nearest one being in Brașov, however, this does not prevent us from appreciating the performance of the students in that region, whom we wish to have in our team after they graduate high-school studies.