Together for hope

We try, as often as we can, to get out of the office and join the community. We want to get involved in social life and bring added value to society through gestures and activities with a positive impact on those in need of help.  Thus, we have again joined a cause that we have been supporting for a few years now, Hospice Casa Speranței.

This non-governmental organization aims at introducing and developing specialized welfare services for incurable patients in advanced stages. Hospice Casa Speranţei is the first and largest unit of this kind in Romania in the field of palliative care.

Friday, September 16th, a group of 20 colleagues of ours, from Romania and abroad, devoted their time and energy to supporting and promoting this organization. We wanted to support this institution because we identified ourselves with the values they promote: professionalism, transparency and the desire to act concretely and effectively.Our hosts presented us their activity and we had a tour of the building. It was great to see how much dedication and goodwill is put into this center. Then we divided into teams. Some of us participated, together with patients, at a creative workshop, where they made various objects that will be needed for future events. The other colleagues, armed with tools, garbage bags and gloves, worked in the garden! And how wonderful it was! They trimmed and gathered the grass, they cleaned the alleys, the parking lots and they cut the hedges. Work was not at all difficult. On the contrary, they had fun and did not realize how fast the time had passed. The result was great, and the staff and patients couldn’t stop praising!

Here are some of the impression we received from those involved in this action, both our colleagues and the representatives of Hospice Casa Speranţei center:

Ana Jelescu – Fundraiser Hospice Casa Speranței

‘Thank you very much for thinking about us. It was a short action, with great result. Now we have a clean and tidy courtyard. You have been very nice and very had-working. Thank you so much.’

 Octavian Lixeanu – Operations Manager CGS Romania

‘Our foreign guests were delighted with what they did and what they saw, they felt very good and said they would like to organize such actions again in the future, when they return to Romania. Moreover, when they get home, they will donate a certain amount of money online.’


Cosmin Pascuci – Project Manager CGS Romania

‘We were all very excited about this action. We really thought we’d organize this more often with people from our project and that we could look for volunteers to participate to such actions in a greater number. I think this is an excellent team building exercise and, at the same time, it contributes to a social cause that deserves special attention.

For me, it was an honor to have the opportunity to participate in such an event. I am happy that I had the opportunity to ‘put a brick’ to the foundation of Casa Speranței. Along with my colleagues, I have experienced some emotions that you don’t meet in everyday life. I’ve seen people working for sick people to help ease and improve their lives. The employees from Hospice are a group of dedicated professionals who maintain this health center at a very high standard.’


And some impressions from our guests from abroad:

‘We would like to thank you once again for the warm welcome you have given us in Bucharest. We were impressed by your team’s professionalism and we were delighted to have had the opportunity to meet you all in person.

We also thank you for organizing the Powering The Possible event. It was wonderful to be able to offer our help to Hospice, which is providing palliative care for adults and children. We are glad that we have helped tidy up the garden so that it looks even more welcoming for patients and their families. Two of our colleagues worked at the creative workshop and had the opportunity to meet and talk to patients and staff at the center in both Romanian, Spanish and Italian.’ “

We rejoice greatly when we see that a simple gesture, seemingly irrelevant, can have beneficial effects on those around us and especially on those in need.

Friends working together, friends helping together!