The Electric Forest

‘The electric forest’ is an action we initiated thinking of our future, on environmental-friendly actions and, last but not least, nature-friendly.

 Did you know that…

If we recycle 1 million mobile phones we recover 250 kg silver, 24 kg gold, 9 kg of Palladium and 9 tons of copper?

By recycling 10,000 TVs, we recover 130 tons glass, 30 tons plastic, 25 tons iron and  10 tons copper?

For correct DEEE recycling, secondary raw materials to be found in new products are recovered?

Are there batteries and accumulators which, thrown randomly, may cause fires?

DEEEs contain toxic substances such as Mercury and other heavy metals or various bromides and, all these, pollute the soil, water and air, even in small quantities?

By turning off the light when exiting a room, do we save both electricity and money?

The same happens when we turn off the computer, TV and other equipment, when we no longer use them.

What does DEEE mean?

DEEE means electrical and electronic equipment waste: fridges, washing machines, TVs, computers, radios, kitchen robots, toys with a mechanism.

Every electrical equipment includes a series of chemical elements. When this equipment becomes waste, said elements have great potential to pollute the environment, therefore to affect human, plant and animal health.

Concurrently, a wide range of components can be recovered and reused from these wastes, if they are correctly collected and recycled.

The concern and involvement of CGS Romania in environmental actions has two important benefits:

  • Internally, the waste recycling programmes offer to CGS Romania employees the opportunity to become involved, to contribute by own effort and to feel proud of the accomplishments made together.
  • Externally, a company preoccupied with the environment shall easily communicate with partners having the same concerns and their perception towards the company shall be one of proximity.

In this context, CGS Romania gives employees the possibility to become actively involved in the ‘Electric forest’ campaign. Therefore, ‘Green corners’ have been established in all CGS offices, where any individual may bring/collect watch, laptop, household equipment and phone batteries.

Look for the ‘Monster’ below and let’s save together (a part of) this planet! For us and for our future!

You can contribute to stopping pollution and to correctly and efficiently reuse the resources if you deliver electric and electronic equipment waste to specially-designated collection centers.

Within CGS Romania, in addition to recycling company equipment, such as headsets, mice, keyboards, cables, neon bulbs, PCs with which we already deal, we want to encourage selective collection of small batteries as well.