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June 13, 2017

Sweet Friday

    C Who doesn’t like sweets? From toffees to the most complicated cakes, they all sound tempting when going by the case of specialized stores. However, we all see the same  cakes differently. Most often, the favorite sweets are associated to a story. This is why… Read More »Sweet Friday

    5 years of CGS

      The spring of 2016 brought a number of good news, but especially projects of anniversaries within the company. Recently, one of them celebrated 5 years of working with us. ‘There have been some difficult times throughout this project, but we have overpassed them together, and,… Read More »5 years of CGS

      The Electric Forest

        ‘The electric forest’ is an action we initiated thinking of our future, on environmental-friendly actions and, last but not least, nature-friendly.  Did you know that… If we recycle 1 million mobile phones we recover 250 kg silver, 24 kg gold, 9 kg of Palladium and… Read More »The Electric Forest