We discover the talents around us: Andrei, the artist team leader

Andrei showed his interest in painting early on, since his childhood, by attempting to make pencil reproduction of certain characters of cartoons: ‘I can definitely say that I remember exactly where and when this journey began, but most of my childhood and teenage years, I spent trying to recreate in pencil, certain cartoon characters.’

For Andrei, painting or sculpting does not comprise the inexplicable fruit of human nature but, instead, he says ‘it is the product of an analytical rationalization assembly’.

Andrei Iarca

However, he prefers spending time in nature, fishing or ‘treasure-hunting’ using a metal detector; he does not miss any opportunity to test his skills either by painting, or by sculpting in plaster.

The biggest source of inspiration for Andrei is the reaction of people towards his works and that is the essence of his work. For this reason, everything he creates is strictly related to what people want to see.

The longest time invested by Andrei in a work was two months and comprised of his first attempt to paint wet murals. In general, a work lasts between six and eight hours, although there have been exceptions for which he needed six days.

Andrei Iarca           Andrei Iarca                  Andrei Iarca

And, since we were curious to find out how work in a call center can be combined with artistic passion, we found out that ‘in the artistic area, social connections created at the workplace have great importance, and they are indispensable. The opinions and reactions of colleagues and friends comprise the hidden force behind the motivation to make each painting worthy of eulogy”.

He did not participate in fairs or exhibitions in the area, although the idea of earning a living from artistic skills intrigues him and he never had the intention of specializing but, as he says, ‘I intend on climbing the artistic mountain until I make sure it is a mountain.’