How I became Sherlock Holmes, again!

You have been selected to participate in an experiment. Are you intrigued? Do you like mysteries, enigmas and puzzles? Do you think you have leadership skills?

‘Your good friend, a born adventurer, left for a journey full of mystery, in search of territories which are yet unaffected by humankind. He/she has invited you to join him/her, when you are ready, to make the great discoveries together.

This is the time to follow him/her in the great adventure! He/she left you everything you need at the airport, in a travel bag, together with all travel data. However, here comes the surprise: all messages in the bag have been encoded, travel dates have been carefully encoded using puzzles and riddles, which you shall decode in a limited time! Otherwise, you will miss your flight and miss the meeting with your friend, and the adventure shall remain only an unfulfilled wish…

Are you ready to set off into the new adventure? Will you manage to pass the tests he/she has prepared for you, to discover the mysteries showing you the path to follow in order to meet your friend?’ This is how our last escape from our daily lives sounded like.

Almost 100 colleagues from Brașov and Bucharest shortly responded to the challenges and stepped into the room with hidden clues, puzzles and riddles, messages and codes waiting to be solved, step by step, until the final success: the key to open the last lock.

The experience was unprecedented, as shown by Andreea’s words: ‘In the escape rooms, we received a bag containing all travel data. All messages in the bag have been encoded, travel dates have been carefully encoded using puzzles and riddles, which we solved in a limited time! Otherwise, there was no chance to finish your journey and to rejoin your friends”.

After the great escape, Andrei testified: ‘First of all, I would like to thank you for the pleasant surprise you have organized and in which I had the pleasure to participate. This was a very intense experience and an excellent occasion to relax and relieve daily stress. I consider the game’s challenge to be welcomed; we all felt extremely good and we met new colleagues. I appreciate the very good organization of the event, both from CGS and from the Escape Rooms and I am eagerly expecting the following surprises.’

Patra revealed more details on the ‘escape’ itself: ‘Overall, it was a pleasant and interesting experience. It was unprecedented since we did not have to exit a room, but to open various boxes. When we arrived at the gym, the person welcoming us was very kind, she explained what we had to do and that we will start a journey around the world. I had the occasion of working in a team with several people I did not know much about until then. And I was pleasantly surprised to see what some of my colleagues did. Each contributed, in his/her own way, more or less, but we came through. The game was fairly complex, with many details, each box containing unexpectedly numerous components. Of course, plenty of them had been placed to confuse us. We managed to reach the last box, but we got blocked, because none of us considered a hint that we found at the beginning of the game. It was demanding, but also funny. We had various elements, an equation leading to the last box, where we were supposed to find out the value of X and Y, even the Morse code towards the end of the game, as well as many encrypted messages that we should have identified. I am excited of this initiative and I hope, in the future, to participate in other such events’.

Mission accomplished, we would say. This being said, we are getting ready for new challenges!

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