Performance Loop Winner in February 2016

The Top Performer of February is: Albert Stănescu

Innovation, exigency and concern to perfect things are constants of the activity in the teams of CGS Romania, found under current growth.

In February, we have a winner of the Performance Loop and, as before, the winner will receive a star on the ‘Walk of Fame’, a surprise award and additional public recognition of his performance.

The assessment of Top Performers has been influenced by the innovation brought. Depending on the manager assessments, the Top Performer of February 2016 is: Albert Stănescu!

Albert Stănescu has been working with CGS since the month of October 2014. He is part of the team of Târgu Jiu and he first stood out among his colleagues with the best results, obtaining ‘Above standard’ and ‘Meet expectation’ scores in the training tests.

Since February 2015, Albert has been acting as Quality Assistant. He has successfully faced new challenges and has quickly integrated in the support team, being the right hand of the management team in Târgu Jiu.

Not long after, he showed to be proactive and involved in this position, by being one of the founders of an inbox for the client database that we currently are using, where CGS agents can send applications for client-requested exceptions. Therefore, all applications are easily managed and solved.

Performance Loop, innovation and improvement!

Nicolae Georgescu-Roegen and Ștefan Odobleja

Their desire to improve things contributed to the evolution of humankind!