For the second consecutive year, CGS Romania participates in Winter Corporate Games

On the assumption that “We work together, we play together, we win together”, for the second consecutive year we put together teams and enrolled in Winter Corporate Games competition.

Corporate Games Romania challenges corporatists around the country to have an unforgettable experience in the greatest Romanian sports championship dedicated to companies.

The event Winter Corporate Games is going to take place in the period from 23rd to 25th of January 2015, in Braşov. It is a combination of sports, business and tourism, brought together in a world corporate competition. The concept is similar to the Olympic Games, and in this event professionals organize sports competitions for amateurs.

Last year, CGS Romania joined the over 35 companies and corporations represented in Winter Corporate Games. Our team was a relatively small one, with only 20 representatives. However, they were at the top, both in fun and prizes. 1 gold medal, 2 bronze medals, other 3 places in the top 10 in snowboard event and 4 days of super fun – this is the summary of CGS Romania’s experience at Winter Corporate Games 2014.

This year, our team is going to be represented by almost 130 sports-passionate employees determined to bring “home” as many medals as possible. The events in which we are going to participate are: billiards, bowling, speed skiing, parallel slalom skiing, court tennis and table tennis, rifle shooting and snow volleyball.

With more chances to win, we believe in CGS Romania’s team and we are anxious to see them on the podium of as many sports events in Winter Corporate Games.

Until we announce the results, we invite you to view several shots taken at the last year’s edition of Winter Corporate Games.