A simple gesture can make the difference

The average age in our company is 25, most of CGS’s employees being students or newly graduates. Through our internal initiatives, we aim to build every day, PROFESSIONALS and to achieve business excellence together. But we don’t stop here! We constantly strive to go beyond company borders, to educate and create a community of young people involved in all aspects of social life.

Thus, for over 3 years, we have been campaigner in Casa Speranței Hospice campaigns for redirecting 2 per cent of the income tax for providing care to elders who struggle with incurable diseases.

Astfel, de mai bine de 3 ani, suntem susținători ai campaniilor Hospice Casa Speranței de redirecționare a 2% din impozitul pe venit pentru îngrijirea persoanelor care se luptă cu boli incurabile.

The satisfaction in each of us comes from the fact that, once a donation is made, we know with certainty how our contribution is going to be invested. For example, if we take Bucharest office, a 2 per cent form submitted is worth in average 27 EUR, so the over 560 forms collected since the beginning of the year mean approximately 15,255 EUR (almost 67,000 lei!). This sum represents more than 180 days of hospitalization in a HOSPICE unit with beds and over 250 visits to patients’ homes. WE CARE and we are glad to see that a simple gesture can change the reality for the people around us!

Achieving these results was only possible due to the efforts of the entire team. Our colleagues got involved in this campaign not only by actually making a donation, but also by dedicating time and energy to promote this cause outside the company, to close friends and relatives.

Last year, we collected 600 forms and this year we intend to double the target. We will be joined in this race by Braşov teams which, like those from Bucharest, will have the opportunity to submit as many forms as possible by the beginning of May.

Why Casa Speranței Hospice? Because they convinced us that they have the same values as those which we identify with and promote among our teams: transparency of information, particularly financial information, investments in developing young people and the desire to actively engage in the life of the community which we belong to.

The campaign 2 per cent for a NGO showed us that together, with a simple gesture, we can restore dignity to those who face an unforgiving diagnosis.

Learn more about HOSPICE campaign “2 per cent for dignity”. And if you want to join this endeavor, fill in the form for redirecting 2 per cent here!

Friends working together, friends helping together!