CGS prefers cycling

CGS Romania joins gladly the Bike2work project, an initiative of European spirit, launched alongside 11 other European Union countries. Between May 18 and June 28, we will pedal bravely to our jobs to support carbon dioxide reduction and healthy living.

This project is useful for each community, and also for each individual. It brings into focus the importance of an active life, and also a less polluted environment. Bike2work is the perfect solution to interact with peers, encouraging team spirit and social responsibility.

“A colleague told me that he could not cycle to work because he usually wears a suit. It is easy to find excuses, but he certainly did not visit other friendly places where you see men in suits waiting at traffic lights. I hope Bike2Work will succeed to bring more people cycling to the office.” – Bike2work Participant


CGS Romania supports this project through active participation of its employees throughout the campaign period. Social responsibility is an important step in the company development and CGS tries as always, to join the communities they serve by supporting initiatives and projects that can increase and improve the lives of employees or citizens they interact with.

Therefore we invite you to take part in a project full of inspiration, urban adventure and health. It can be easy to have a nice living in the jungle of big cities as well.

For more details about the program and registration please visit the site: