October’s Top People in Performance Loop

Innovation, exigency and focus on improvement are constant references for the activities performed by CGS Romania teams which, in turn, are in a constant process of development. We have 2 winners this month! The same as before, the winners will receive a star on the “Walk of Fame”, a surprise and public acknowledgement of their performances.

The assessment of Top Performers was influenced by the innovation created and by the support received from the manager, fully enjoyed by the performers.

Based on the assessments made by the manager, the Top Performers in Octomber are: Elisabeta Avramescu and Dragoș Marius Florin.

Elisabeta Avramescu

Elisabeta or Betty, as we, her colleagues and friends call her, joined the CGS team in May 2015, eager to evolve and grow in a multinational company. From the very beginning, Betty performed at a very high level of quality, she learnt the processes allotted to her in a brief period and, in less than a month since starting work, she worked on a double volume of transactions, even as compared to colleagues more experienced than she was in the project.

Whenever her colleagues needed guidance, Betty provided her full support and, whenever necessary, she even took over some of the work allotted to them, for optimal team and project-level results. In Betty’s words: “we must always put the company’s welfare first”.

Dragoș Marius Florin

Given the integrity he proved in time, Marius was proposed for the position of sales specialist. That moment set the grounds for the reform in sales, as he directly influenced the department achievements, by implementing new procedures, countless trackers (of offers and orders) and, last but not least, the database of this segment. Therefore, through the highly complex database he created, Marius managed to add control and a system of checkpoints that can detected a fraud attempt at any moment. His task list also includes maintaining relations with the direct commercial representatives of the partner companies, with him being a mediator between them and the internal departments.

Overall, Marius continues to be a one-man show in sales, with his task list covering all the records on his project, as well as coordination of other sales teams!