We discover the talent next to us: Irina, our artist recruiter

When we are children, we all have a dream. Some want to be doctors, others engineers, others guests, because when you go visiting you get sweets and gifts. Irina wanted to be a painter.

She tells she does not remember exactly when she began drawing; therefore she likes to say that it has been painting for ever. The talent was inherited from her father. They were the only ones in the family inclined to the arts.

I have always loved drawing, painting, so that I draw/paint portraits, nature, just about anything, as long as I have spare time. When I was little I wanted to be a painter. I would not say that I participated in competitions. There were not many opportunities in this area in the town where I come from, namely Caracal. I participated in one contest, “SOS, save storks” and I remember that I won 2nd place in the county”, Irina recounts.

Irina, who started work in CGS Romania on September 19, 2011, says that she has had a passion for dance for ever. She always loved to dance, but began to take Latino/social/standard dance classes in February 2014.

Currently, she is part of the advanced group at Dance X-plosion and, together with her colleagues, she attended to the students dance competition from Sibiu, at the competition within the largest festival of salsa in Romania – National Salsa Congress Braşov, to some Jack & Jill competitions, and recently, to the Best Social Dancer contest within the Latin Escape festival in Sibiu, where she was among the finalists.

Also, together with colleagues from the dance group, she participated with choreographies in numerous festivals, celebrations and parties at national level.

On the other hand, when asked about her favourite painting, Irina says it is quite difficult to choose just one. “I like Dali’s vision, his paintings fascinate me, especially “The persistance of memory”. Surrealism is generally fascinating for me. I love the flowers and nature-type paintings of Mignon and the beautiful landscapes of Kinkade”, says Irina, adding that the list would be quite long.

About the works she created, Irina says that many of the works were given as gifts to friends, especially portraits. “I also sold some” adds our colleague.

“Of course, I’d love to have my own exhibit and the time to dedicate myself to this passion in the true meaning, but it’s quite hard! It would mean giving up all other activities, including the job, and to do just this and I believe that it would not be the case at the moment. Unfortunately, I do not have time every day for all, but I try, wherever possible, to dedicate most of my free time. I have never been the kind of person to get bored, I do not know the meaning of this word, namely, I do not have time to get bored! “, says Irina.

About the intersection of the position she holds in CGS, namely recruiter, and the two passions, Irina says that “both dance and painting are arts and the artist must have an analytic nature, a special person able to interpret and transmit specific emotions. He/she also must have the ability to see things and discover some aspects of reality that are not accessible or visible to anyone. Certainly, this fits perfectly with the mission of a recruiter, who must find people suitable for appropriate jobs. He/she must identify certain qualities in the people he/she interviews and also to analyse, interpret correctly the answers, reactions and gestures of the candidates interviewed. It is required to be rather a little artist”, says our recruiter.

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