#vinereaealtfel (#Fridayisdifferent): CGS was red as fire for Happy Friday

Today everybody in the company has seen red! Yes, indeed! You did read well. But the funniest thing is that they did not see red as everybody may think when reading this expression. People saw red because we had Red Friday, the ninth edition of our Happy Friday campaign.
We said to ourselves: if the company chose the red colour for the brand, why would not we wear it? And this is how the red colour dominated the hallways, the computers, the yards of the head offices.
We have made a bit of research before. It is said that red is one of the most loved colours worldwide. And it is also the most common colour on the national flags.
Also, in China the red color symbolizes good fortune. It seems it was a success at Braşov too because it has stopped raining. Or at least it did rain as heavily as in the last days. On the other hand, in Greece red is considered to be the most appropriate colour for men, and the red stripes on the United States flag symbolize strength and value. We had the chance to learn something new once again.
Going back to Red Friday, we did not stop just to T-shirts or trousers. Some of the ladies painted their nails in red, as it happened in Bucharest for instance. At Târgu – Jiu some of our colleagues matched their sneakers with this week theme, and at Sibiu the girls have chosen red bow ties.
It was therefore a colourful day at CGS Romania. See you next week with a new Happy Friday edition!