Top Performance at powers of 4

In a previous article, we were telling you about our internal competition through which we intend to feed, each month, our colleagues’ appetite for performance.

Innovation, exigency and preoccupation to improve things are constant activities in CGS Romania’s teams, which, in their turn, are undergoing a continuous process of development. That is why the beginning of the year brings changes to Performance Loop Regulation.

Instead of one Top Performer per month, we are going to select 4 winners, one for each CGS Romania location (Bucharest, Brașov, Sibiu, and Târgu-Jiu). The same as before, the winners are going to receive a star on the Walk of Fame, a surprise prize (Pandora jewelry for girls and EMAG voucher for guys) and extra public recognition of their performances.

The selection of the winners was influenced by the impact of the projects they implemented, but also by the support they received from managers, which this month’s 4 winners fully enjoyed.

Therefore, the Top Performers of December are:

  1. Cornelia Zorilă, Operations Manager, for coordinating the implementation project of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2008 Certification Standard at CGS Romania, as well as for implementing the Certification Standards ISO 9001:2008 in the USA, at the Call Center Division, and Software Development Division.


  1. Ramona Dumitrel, Customer Relations Specialist. Fluent in English and Spanish languages, she gave proof of efficiency and outstanding quality in both foreign languages. Due to this merit, she is part of a team that interacts with customers on the widest spread and most popular social programs.
  2. In order to help her colleagues and ensure an easier transition to a new tool, Ramona tested and documented all operations performed in this program, building a processing model for all phases and functions performed. By constantly communicating with the rest of the team and developing a set or rules that did not leave room for errors, she ensured a flawless launch of the new tool.


  1. Liviu Șerban, Customer Relations Specialist, in Swedish. In the past two months, Liviu managed by himself 80 per cent of the support line in Swedish language and, moreover, he designed a system whereby his colleagues providing support in English language, could contribute to the support provided on Swedish line, by creating standard e-mails in Swedish language, for frequently faced problems. He was highly efficient, solving from the very initial contact 97 per cent of the incidents with which he dealt.


  1. Stefan Bruja, Dispatcher. Stefan joined the project he is part of from its very beginning, in year 2011. During all this time, he showed professionalism and involvement, actively participating to improving the results of his team. The initiatives he proposed helped improving the activity, increasing efficiency and facilitating target achievement by all team members.


We are certain that the 4 Top Performers will not stop here and they will continue to impress us with their efficiency and determination to improve things. In particular, we are certain that their initiatives will contribute also in the future to improving the results of their teams! Congratulations and good luck!

Don’t forget: be better by paying every day a tribute to excellence!