Thoughts at the beginning of the year

Statistics, budgets, plans and strategies, new paths and goals to lead us upwards. All these are recurring themes in the first months of the year, for each of us.

Vladimir-Sterescu-Country-Manager-CGS-RomaniaVladimir-Sterescu – Country-Manager – CGS-Romania. After a frantic period, with the holydays and all sorts of reunions, I, like many of you, returned to everyday routine. In an era of speed, it is difficult to plan everything in detail, for the entire year, because the trends are continuously evolving and changing. However, we know from where we start and where we intend to get when, at the end of the 365 pages, we will be ready to write the conclusions.

Year 2015 will be, for the outsourcing industry in our country, a very important year, as Romania has to advance in the top 100 outsourcing destinations, where it currently holds the 44th place. Moreover, it is necessary to develop this industry also in other large cities of the country, in addition to Bucharest, which is currently the city with the highest outsourcing activity in Romania. This obviously leads to an increase of jobs made available to those who are proficient in foreign languages, have IT skills and show creativity.

The same path I envisage also for our company in year 2015. We will continue to develop, supplement the teams with well-prepared people, eager to develop their abilities as much as possible, in a dynamic work environment. In this very first part of the year, we are going to hire massively, for many positions. You can see the list of vacant job and submit your resume here.

Thus, together we will continue on the upward road that CGS Romania has started the previous years, guided by the quality standards that we always use when providing services to our customers.

I wish you all that 2015 is a year when you get closer to your ideals!

Vladimir Sterescu

Country Manager CGS Romania