The winners of Performance Loop in January

We continue promoting innovation and our employees’ endeavors to improve processes and work procedures in CGS Romania, by means of our internal competition, Performance Loop. The same as in the previous editions, the winners shall receive a star on the “Walk of Fame”, a surprise prize and public recognition of their performances.

The selection of the winners was influenced by the manner of presentation, and also by the support they received from managers, which the winners fully enjoyed this time again. According to managers’ nominalizations, the Top Performers of January are:

1. Alexandru Ilinca is a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, within University of Bucharest, and Team Leader in one of CGS Romania’s projects. He works at CGS office in Bucharest.

Alex joined the CGS team in 2012, initially in the position of Technical Support Specialist, and since mid-2014, he has been Team Leader for his team and also for the team of one of the American customers of the company. He supervises the activity of a total of 17 people, his position being defined as a “Knowledge-point” for all technicians in the two groups, providing answers and processes for out-of-the-ordinary cases.

At the same time, Alex created a complete documentation, containing all the processes and procedures adapted to the policies specific to the project in which he works, documentation approved by the very USA managers. This documentation is followed by all 17 technicians in Romania, and also by those in the USA.

2. Ursu Vlad has been part of CGS team since July 2010, in one of our projects in Brașov.

His work as Technical Support Specialist was only the launching setting to becoming one of the most appreciated people in the project. His results were always among the best of the team. This attitude brought him, in February 2014, the position of Quality Assurance Specialist that he always wanted.

In November 2014, 9 months after being promoted, Vlad started working at a project of standardization and optimization of Quality Assurance Specialist activity, which today reduces by 3 minutes the encoding of each call. This proactive project of Vlad has countless benefits, improving the activity of the entire Quality Department by 8 per cent, and offering the entire QAs the opportunity to take on additional projects, to increase project productivity, improve call quality and, in this way, the work environment and good mood of the entire staff.

Congratulations and the best of luck!