November’s Top People in Performance Loop

Innovation, exigency and focus on improvement are constant references for the activities performed by CGS Romania teams which, in turn, are in a constant process of development. We have 2 winners this month! The same as before, the winners will receive a star on the “Walk of Fame”, a surprise and public acknowledgement of their performances.

The assessment of Top Performers was influenced by the innovation created and by the support received from the manager, fully enjoyed by the performers.

Based on the assessments made by the manager, the Top Performers in November are: Oana Dilimot and Roxana Mihai.

Oana started working for CGS in 2010. With countless performances during this period, she was promoted to the position of Business Analyst, in October 2015. One achievement we selected from Oana’s portfolio was her contribution to the creation and development of the collection process on the project; the procedure is currently used by all her colleagues.

With the implementation of her matrix, the centralization of information became simpler, while the solving time was reduced considerably.

Roxana Mihai

Roxana joined us in 2012. She developed quickly and managed to progress from to monitored tools, to handling an increasing number of moderating and support projects! In her department, Roxana was also part of the Twitter support team and of the Facebook support team, afterwards – position currently known as Social Support.

This year, in August, Roxana embraced a new challenge. Together with a colleague, she accepted to be part of a new project, where she provides support for all the company departments, from website navigation and placing orders, to technical support for the devices provided. Efficient and versatile, Roana managed to synthetize the information required for the training and the reduce the predetermined period of 6 weeks to only 2 weeks, thus improving the productivity interval for the team, by one month, which was a substantial gain for the project, from the viewpoint of efficiency and profitability.

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