Discovering the talents among us: Diana, conductor and pianist

During childhood, Diana received a piano, after she had her first contact with this instrument when she was four. She remembers that her parents got her a Vienna piano, which, she says, costed as much as local automobile Dacia, without them even knowing if she had a musical talent or not.

She hopes to not have disappointed them. Later on, in 9th grade, she discovered her passion to be a conductor, and she now says she feels this activity is especially tailored for her.

Diana started her activity with CGS in 2011, with a German language project. During her free time, she devotes herself to the piano and conducting, the two being at the same time passion and way of life.

Her most recent concert with the Honigberg choir took place in Brasov, on Saturday, during the sixth edition of Musica Barcensis festival, an event that will continue to take place the weekends of July and August with 19 concerts, in 10 fortified churches in Brasov and the surroundings.


How do the two go together, being a conductor and working for CGS, seeing they are two totally different elements?
Diana: Seeing that I enjoy very much what I do with CGS, the schedule is fixed and the work environment is extremely pleasant, there is no issue for me to combine work with my life passion, music. I think that nowadays, the issue of not enjoying coming to work may arise, however, to my great joy, this problem totally eludes me.

When do you find time for practice?
Time for practice with the choirs I conduct … I find in the evening. I usually have two practice sessions per week, and of course, if there are concerts, we increase the practice volume.

What do you feel when you`re conducting?
It’s hard to define in few words how I feel when I conduct. Certainly, I feel this is tailor-made for me, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. Anyhow, I can surely state that both playing the piano and conducting give me immense strength, faith in what I do and they emotionally charge me, for which I am extremely grateful.

Why the piano and why a conductor? How did the passion for the two start?
My first contact with the piano was at four years old. I started this instrument at the People’s Art School in Alba Iulia. At that time, my parents bought me a Vienna piano which was worth the value of a Dacia automobile, without knowing whether I had a musical talent or not. I hope today they are not disappointed in me… Conducting came into my life when I was in 9th grade and I would believe by accident, if I didn’t feel nothing happens by accident. I was a student for the Music College in my city of birth, Alba Iulia, I was singing in the Cathedral choir, and its conductor Professor Fit left for holidays in France and I replaced him. That’s how it began, I fell in love with it and I’d never give up such a superb activity.