12 years of friendship

Rustle, commotion, alluring flavor of goodies and, above all, plenty of smiles. Just about this has been the mood in the offices of CGS Romania, throughout the month of November, from the past 12 years. Why? Because it was not enough for us to celebrate “CGS Romania’s Anniversary” for just one day, so we chose to keep it up a whole month. This year we made no exception and so we prepared, in good time, a series of events to celebrate the 12 years of activity of CGS Romania.

Like for any other party, we started by inviting people from outside the CGS Romania family to join us in celebration: relatives of employees, friends, curious people or party crashers, they were all welcomed at the Doors Open Days organized in 3 of our headquarters: Bucharest, Sibiu and Braşov. Thus, we greeted almost 250 people in our “home”, we made new acquaintances, we told stories and together we discovered the universe of CGS Romania. At the end of each day, each of us realized that, in just one day, we became richer. In new friends, acquaintances and, particularly new career paths.

Then we closed the doors and remained just us, the 3000 friends forming together CGS Romania, and we wished each other “Happy Anniversary!”. Not just anyhow, but in all sorts of creative and original ways, as we know best: on music notes, with the pen on paper or in detailed drawings.

At the end of the month, it came the time to draw conclusions and really party. So we took a walk to the four offices of Computer Generated Solutions in Romania, aboard the Goodies Caravan. And because the road was long and we a numerous bunch, we replaced the anniversary cake with cotton candy and popcorn. Instead of toast, we brought a board on which we wrote our answers to the question: What does CGS stand for?

Now, that the party is at its end, the only thing left for us to do is be thankful for the 12 years of friendship at CGS Romania.