Winners of Performance Loop March 2016!

Performance Lopp: innovation and improvement! 

Innovation, exigency and the concern to improve on things are constants of CGS Romania teams’ activity that in turn, are in a continuous process of development. This month we have four winners!

Just like before, the winners will enjoy a star on the `Walk of Fame`, a surprise prize and additional public recognition of their performance.

The assessment of the Top Performers has been influenced by the manager’s innovation and support, that the performers have fully taken advantage.

Based on the manager’s assessments, the Top Performers of March 2016are:

Andreea Iftode. She has been working with CGS since January 2014 and started her career with a project for a company in the telecom industry. Due to great results – surpassing every month the department’s target -Andreea shortly became the most important member of the team, being very ambitious and positive and maintained that position, with excellent results every month. Every time, Andreea takes on tasks regarding her activity, in order to help her colleagues obtain better results and constantly comes up with concrete proposals on improving the work procedures used within the department’s activity. She is involved in the daily activity of multiple inbound and outbound projects and is the main support pillar, ensuring both the know-how and the tips&tricks for all of her colleagues. Apart from taking calls, her responsibilities include back-office activities related to every project.

Raluca Savulescu. She accepted to join a very important project in July 2015. Given her financial and banking background, she is used to paying attention to tiny details and organize her work rapidly and efficiently. The team spirit Raluca has proved has helped her a great deal in understanding the processes she has to deal with. At the moment, she is one of the senior operator of a well-known company. She has vast knowledge of this complex team’s processes, concerning both the work volume and the variety of the tasks. By managing to assimilate and absorb a large volume of information, she has become the main contact point for every problem encountered during work processes or for any other complex situation requiring immediate resolution and both her colleagues and the management do not hesitate to offer nothing but positive feedback regarding her work. She has improved a work process for the clients of her project, by creating a database allowing for the clients’ assessment and easy identification by the people in charge of the process, thus, leading to an improvement in the processing time. It dropped from 30 minutes to only 5 minutes. Likewise, Raluca has implemented a training system with the representatives of this company’s clients, helping them understand how to create a request, leading to the rapid processing of the cases and the collection of the clients’ payments in less than 24 hours, previously it lasted entire days. When asked why she accepted a job with CGS, she answered: `I have always looked for jobs in which I am first and foremost excited to work with the people I am in contact with and where I can grow as a person and as a team member. CGS has given me this opportunity and I will be forever grateful for it`

Catalina Tatarus. She has started working for CGS in October 2009, as operator on an important project. In February 2011, she was granted the position of Team Leader within the same department and as of March 2015 she is Team Leader on another project. For almost seven years, Catalina has exceeded milestone after milestone, from taking over the first recently employed team on a fairly new project and leading it to the lists of Top Performers, to the recruitment, training and onboarding of new members within the management team. She has actively participated in uniting various projects and in the creation and implementation of the strategies necessary to finalize this process. At the same time, Catalina is great with people. She has managed to perfectly strike the balance between affection and authority and knows how to get close to people as no one else. Before the presentation, we asked her what was her most important achievement with CGS and she answered the following: `Apart from the personal accomplishments as operator (for instance, targets achieved, successful trainings, earned bonuses, numerous team competitions won as Team Leader), I believe that my biggest achievement is the fact that my assistance helped various people reach the next step in their professional career: whether on my team or not, I helped agents become Team Leaders or Quality Assurance Specialists or Trainers through advice, meditations and long discussions. The start of a new project did not fall into the already established patterns of the account she had worked with until then, because it was the first time we distanced ourselves from individual clients to business clients. The requests and responsibilities were truly challenging, but Catalina managed to deal with them successfully. She compiled the reporting methodology of the results of her team, proposed and coordinated the bonus system and closely handled the internal administrative aspects. Only experienced operators have been recruited for the current project, from the other projects of the company and Catalina has created a system that ensures the distribution of the days of leave in a manner that answers both the staffing requirements of the client and the agent’s need and last but not the least, the HR requirements.

Marius Ionut Enea.  He has started his collaboration with CGS in September 2014 and may be considered one of the `veterans` of the centre of Targu Jiu, given that he is part of the first training group of a cell phone company of our centre. His interest, dedication and last but not the least, perseverance have been the key factors of his success. Until recently, Marius held the position of Customer Support Agent, successfully tackling the challenges of the respective job. After only six months, Marius managed to become part of the first team holding two skills within the project of the company of Targu Jiu. Therefore, apart from the knowledge on subscriptions, he acquired knowledge on prepaid services. Results appeared quite rapidly, he successfully adapted to the newly acquired skill and at the same time, he improved on the skill he started working with. In December 2015, Marius won the first prize in the competition organized by a cell phone company, consisting in promoting and registering the online account of the company’s clients, by helping 44 clients discover the benefits and the usefulness of such an account. Moreover, Marius is the first assistant of Targu Jiu Center to join the support team. As of this February, Marius is working as Backup within his department. He proved to be the appropriate person, following some tests and interviews, standing out among other eight candidates. Good luck to Marius in his new position!

Congratulations to the winners!

Gertrude Belle Elion and Martin Luther King Jr.

Their wish to improve things has contributed to the evolution of humanity

Performance Lopp: innovation and improvement!