Winners of Performance Loop April 2016!

Performance Loop: innovation and improvement! 

Innovation, exigency and the concern to improve on things are constants of CGS Romania teams’ activity that in turn, are in a continuous process of development. This month we have three winners!

Just like before, the winners will enjoy a star on the `Walk of Fame`, a surprise prize and additional public recognition of their performance.

The assessment of the Top Performers has been influenced by the manager’s innovation and support, that the performers have fully taken advantage.

Based on the manager’s assessment the Top Performers of April 2016 are:

Cristina Dumitriu. She has been working at CGS since July 2013. Cristina is a very trustworthy and earnest person, professional, polite and respectful towards the management team and her colleagues. She is there for her team every time when her help is requested, even though this is not part of her area of activity. The quality of her work is reflected in the accuracy rate of information provided, which has been 100%. Among her activities, there are also: providing accurate information on the products and services offered by the client, as well as their licensing and submitting price estimates and full details on the products, the documents related to licensing and solutions at-hand.

Noemi Gergely. Noemi’s story starts on April 1st, 2013 at the CGS office of Sibiu. And no, this is not a prank :). Noemi started her activity at CGS as Customer Service Assistant on a project for a telecommunication company. After one month, in May 2013, the Hungarian language project was added to the CGS team of said project. Since Noemi speaks Hungarian very well, she was one of the first assistants to take calls in Hungarian for this project and, once more, given her dedication, an opportunity for professional growth was only a matter of time. By acquiring very well both the skills required for that project, which she learned immediately after employment, Noemi filled the position of Quality Assistant, as of July 2013. On this position, as opposed to her colleagues, her aim was also to assess and monitor the Hungarian team. Since she successfully coordinated the Hungarian team, Noemi was given full trust and she did not disappoint. Availability has always been her strength. Given that an experienced team was needed for a relatively new and emerging center, Noemi joined the team of Târgu Jiu, in September 2015, and she successfully participated in training assistants for the project in Târgu Jiu, but, at the same time, she managed to do her job within the Hungarian team, which she coordinates very well although she is in Târgu Jiu.

Alina Elvira Patulea. Alina, on her current position as Case Controller, comes from the Tech team of Italy, from a broad-range project, which she joined since 2011. With her dedication, Alina managed to acquire the experience needed and to obtain both the position of Case Controller, that involves analytical skill and thinking, as well as the key-position of Direct Sale Representative. Over time, she filled these positions as back-up, whenever needed, and she gradually became a key employee for the project in question. Currently, Alina covers the entire reporting component of the project, as well as the sales component of the team. The project sales figures have increased by more than 30% when Alina managed to establish a cooperation flow between departments. This is where her innovations start: interconnected flows. Each department works individually, without real time access to the information needed by the customer. This led to significant losses in sales, given that the client was supposed to wait longer to get an answer to his request. Thus, Alina becomes a liaison between the departments and provides the required information in real time, both to the customers and to the agents, which has led to a continuous increase in turnover. The same system is currently being implemented by the new support team in Italian, and this is done professionally. ‘Each day is a new test for myself, for all of us, so, every morning, I wonder: what else can come up? Well, the surprise is that something new comes up every day. This is our way of testing our limits. Can we make it today, as well? Most definitely, this is the place where you can never get bored.’

Congratulations to the winners!

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin

Their wish to improve things has contributed to the evolution of humanity

 Performance Loop: innovation and improvement!