We discover the talent next to us: Petra, flower and smiles designer

We met here, on the blog, fellow-conductors, fellow-painters -dancers and fellows who make beautiful bracelets and bags. Today we meet Petra, who in her spare time is also a flowers designer.

Petra, who has been working with us since 2012, is a mother, wife, daughter, a Senior Team Leader in CGS Romania and, not least, a “Florist”.

How do you get to combine the 5? Petra says that the binder is composed of very little sleep and lots of good humour! In her spare time, Petra makes bouquets and lots of floral arrangements. And most important is that Petra offers a complete experience, from counselling to creation.

Petra says that she always loved creating: drawings, objects, food, anything. The idea to realize floral arrangements came after her wedding, when everything was done by her.

She says the most beautiful floral arrangements created were for a friend wedding party. “We have similar tastes and it was a real pleasure to turn ideas into reality. Even though I worked day and night and then I participated in the event also”.

She loves anemones and hydrangeas and says she would love to make decorations and scenography for artistic events such as art and design exhibitions and theatre parts.

Her entire work is called Atelier Deux Fleurs, a project that belongs both to her and her best friend, and the name comes from two flowers: “the two of us”.

What do colleagues say about Petra’s passion? For example, Constanţa told us that everything Petra makes is out of passion. “The bouquets are so successful and gorgeous as her interest and involvement are set to bring smiles on the faces of those who serve them”.

Constanţa also added that Petra’s love for flowers started many years ago and managed to enter the souls of people by creating arrangements and bouquets full of smiles and warmth.