The winners of Performance Loop July 2016

Performance Loop: innovation and improvement! 

Innovation, exigency and the concern to improve on things are constants of CGS Romania teams’ activity that in turn, are in a continuous process of development. This month we have three winners!

Just like before, the winners will enjoy, a star on the `Walk of Fame`, a surprise prize and additional public recognition of their performance.

The assessment of the Top Performers has been influenced by the manager’s innovation and support, that the performers have fully taken advantage.

Based on the manager’s assessment, the Top Performers of July 2016 are:

Adelina Barbu

Adelina has been part of this company since April 2014. Her capacity to acquire large amounts of information and to adapt to the dynamic environment of the project allowed her to be promoted to the management team in very short time. She has been a QA for almost 2 years and, in all this time, she  showed to be an innovative spirit, competitive and dedicated.

During the last months she undertook to get more and to become involved in the project activity, as well as in the development and implementation of certain initiatives in her quality assurance area.

For an interval of 6 months, Adelina has analyzed information on penalties for failure to comply with certain client procedures and she thought of a simple system for reduction of these amounts. Regulate briefing on the nature and type of infringed procedures have led, within the last month, to a 30% decrease of these penalties.

Moreover, her involvement in promoting a delivery service with consultancy have led to achieving the target set by the client and, implicitly, to a significant increase in the number of sales for this segment.

Vlad Nica

He started as agent, where he showed far above average adaptability and, particularly, a very fast learning capacity, which undoubtedly led to a safe professional ascent. Standing out from among his colleagues for the technical skills he has been acquiring, day by day, he slowly became a mentor for those around him. This has led to his promotion to a higher position, where he also stood out.

What did Vlad bring new? He brought a clarification of the escalation flows by a real-time monitoring and control program. This program provides visibility at all levels so that, at any moment, any support or agent function can see the status of an escalation, either to inform the client in the case of an agent, or to fill in various reporting templates at management level. In this way, the escalation flow has fallen significantly, at this time being at the 3% -4% threshold, but not only.

By offering this cascading visibility, the workload has been greatly reduced, since, many people often work on the same escalation without knowing it. So, a lot of time has been saved among the employees, as well as the waiting times for resolution. Therefore, clients are kept waiting for less time.

‘I never cease to learn, so there is no “I don’t know” for me. I struggle daily with the temptation to fall in my comfort zone and, I think, I manage to win.’

Alexandra Holcan

Alexandra professional history started in 2012, when she joined CGS as agent. She joined the team for a back-office project. After only a few months after her employment shall was directly promoted to a different back-office department, but more oriented to analysis and identification of fraud trends. She demonstrated great people skills, as well as inborn analytical capabilities. Alexandra needs very little training and she manages on her own under any circumstances, however complicated. Over the four years in the company, she received great customer feedback and maintained her Top Performer status every month.

Alexandra is cross-trained in multiple departments, representing an invaluable resource within the team. Her knowledge has proven to be useful in many situations. Over the four years of CGS, she has delivered many training and coaching sessions, she has performed procedures used today in the order checking department, she actively participates in conference calls with the customer, and feedback has always been positive.

Employed on English-Spanish skills and delighted that CGS has given her a place to practice Spanish, she launched the concept of holding Spanish courses within the company.

In 2015, she came up with the idea of training new Spanish speakers at a time when recruitment on Spanish was slow, but the project needs were constant. Therefore, she launched a campaign to promote this skill among English speakers in the department and persuaded them to take part in a new training and training program. Alexandra was concerned with creating a curriculum that allows agents to learn Spanish in a short time and reach a conversational level with which they feel comfortable. She also handled the delivery of training and the training for more than 20 agents whom she successfully taught Spanish. Moreover, she trained future Spanish ‘teachers’ who could hold this course in the long run. All of this happened in parallel with the project activities, managing to be Top Performer on KPIs every month.

Congratulations to all winners!

Coco Chanel and Bill Gates

Their desire to improve things contributed to the evolution of humanity

Performance Loop: innovation and improvement