The winners of Performance Loop August 2016

Performance Loop: innovation and improvement! 

Innovation, exigency and the concern to improve on things are constants of CGS Romania teams’ activity that in turn, are in a continuous process of development. This month we have five winners!

Just like before, the winners will enjoy, a star on the `Walk of Fame`, a surprise prize and additional public recognition of their performance..

The assessment of the Top Performers has been influenced by the manager’s innovation and support, that the performers have fully taken advantage.

Based on the manager’s assessment, the Top Performers of August 2016 are:

Octavian Nicolescu


Octavian joined CGS Romania in March 2016 and he demonstrated, from the very first few days, that he wants to achieve very good results, gain as much knowledge as possible and bring added value to the business. So, just one month after he finished his training and started his activity, he was given the opportunity to be transferred to a much more complex process, which he accepted without giving it too much thought.

He has managed to process requests received from the first few days on the job in a very short time, namely 10 minutes or less, while the standard is 20 minutes, thus receiving many appraisals from the sales team and US managers with whom he works. In addition, last quarter, together with his colleagues, he sent a total of $ 2,596,726.60 leasing offers to customers, four times higher than in the previous quarter.

Octavian always focuses on solutions, not on problems, and when he learns something new, he uses it as quickly as possible, refusing to waste time without contributing to the project growth.

‘I have always enjoyed working in a diverse environment where you can interact with a multitude of personalities. I think this helps me better understand the psychological part of people. There are things you cannot do on your own, and within the 6 months I have been part of the CGS family, I met people from whom I had a lot to learn. It’s nice to be surrounded by colleagues who can become great friends and to know that you can rely on them as much when it comes to fun, but especially work.’

Diana Ștefănescu


Diana’s professional history started in August 2011, when she joined CGS as agent. She joined the team for a new back-office project, at the time. Currently, she is a Reporting Analyst and one of the two agent within the 17 members team who can work on any request made within the department. She has demonstrated very good people skills, being the one who supported a parallel project with training, material and feedback – a cross-trained team, as well as all the newcomers in the project. Passionate about what she does and motivated by the fact that the analysis work makes a difference in the project, Diana has been looking for new opportunities to contribute to its success.

Innovation: Template which eliminates human error The proof of effectiveness of this template is given by the fact that the department is famous not only for 0 errors, but also for the correct and fast processing of all types of requests. In a department where compliance with service standards is paramount, the risk of falling into the trap of quantity at the expense of quality is imminent and becomes the greatest challenge.

In addition to constituting a model agent, taking on trainer tasks and acting as a team mentor for a little while, Diana is also the person who focuses on everything that means quality control, both in her team and in the Cross Trained team. She actively participates in the testing and recruitment of new members from both departments, she handles both their knowledge and IQ testing, she compiles observation sheets from group interviews, and gives feedback to candidates. She is seeking for key personalities within the team so that the department can progress continuously, so that it can grow and improve every day.

Ana Maria Boșoi

ana-maria-bosoiAna has been part of an important project for CGS Romania since February 2014, when she joined the program as a pioneer of the first group of sellers. As an agent, she has always shown a constant interest in personal and professional growth, which has facilitated her rapid access to the Middle Management team. She has also demonstrated a tremendous ambition to show everyone that you can sell as much as possible while guaranteeing a pleasant customer experience.

As a QA Specialist, Ana has undertaken the role of customer attorney and has consistently advocated complete sales to guarantee a WOW experience for all parties involved in the process. This has brought her the quality of Net Promoter Score advocate, an attribute which is also visible to the client.

Innovation: Ana has created a file that synthesizes the agent’s general opportunities, obtained by analyzing the monitored calls for 6 months. With this file, the QA team managed to improve the recording rate of monitored calls by 30%.



Mădălina Tudor


Mădălina has been part of CGS Romania since February 2014, when she joined the first Sales Specialists group. As an agent, she quickly became known as ‘Maddie Tablet’ due to the very high sales success rate.

Her promotion as QA specialist came as a confirmation of her team player skills and capabilities to transmit vital information to agents. At the beginning of her QA specialist career, Mădălina stood out by her speed in acquiring job processes and procedures, by her thoroughness and logical reasoning, which she put to work in solving customer requirements.

As a QA Specialist dedicated to new agent groups, she has proven to be a true team player and, in collaboration with the training team, she has delivered the first groups of specialists with a graduation rate of over 90%. Today, she is again a pioneer and she participates, along with other 8 colleagues, at the launch of the second sales site in Galați.

The first group form whom she was QA has already reached production, with very good results (over 90% graduation rate and over 8% new customers closed rate). Once again, Mădălina demonstrates that if you have passion, involvement and knowledge, the results are just the expected effect.

Mihaela Bostan


Mihaela has been part of the big CGS family since 2011, starting as agent and being promoted as Team Leader since May 1st, 2015. Her long journey, with different teams over the years, has ensured her personal and professional growth, with both technical expertise and related to billing processes.

She deals with daily/weekly/monthly reports, support shifts, training for newcomers. Mihaela also had administrative tasks such as adherence, salary calculation for her team, and even interviewed people who applied for jobs.

Improvements that bear her name are the modulation of a tool, the establishment of guidelines, and the terms of service. Moreover, Mihaela has also improved the comment moderation system.

Mihaela was congratulated by her superior for her work, using words like, ‘You did an amazing job driving such a talented team. We had an incredible first half of the year that could not have happened without your support, leadership and customer-oriented mindset’ were said with great admiration.

Congratulations to all winners!

Usain Bolt and Alexandru Tomescu

Their desire to improve things contributed to the evolution of humanity

Performance Loop: innovation and improvement!