The Memories and Smiles of 2015

These 12 months, we have collected many memories, events and experiences to recount. We told some of the stories here, on the electronic pages, which have become an authentic library during the past year, for us, at CGS. It is clear that now, at the end of the year, when we draw our conclusions, we realize how many beautiful things happened.

2015 was the year in which Bookster brought us the best books of the moment and we had the chance to discover new worlds

Then we took a break in the mountains and we displayed our sports skills in the Winter Corporate Games. And, as expected, we were among the winners:


We also loved it when we embarked on an authentic adventure, seeking books. Together, we collected books for the underprivileged schools in Romania, which are not equipped with libraries:

The dynamic campaign “Sună un blogger” (translation: Call a blogger) was a great moment for our company. For two hours, 12 bloggers answered your questions and curiosities. It was this campaign that brought among the WebStock 2015 nominees! It was a full day, with a training session for the 12 bloggers, with prizes and many calls, over 240 curious callers! And, of course, with the legendary question if giraffes can swim!


The year continued with an important award added to the CGS track record, BPO Company of the Year! This award is an acknowledgement of our effort to be the best on the Romanian market, as well as of our dedication and performance:

Mid-year, we needed a short break and we took a 4-day vacation at the beginning of June, at the summer edition of the Corporate Games, where we had our share of wins, of course: and

CityNights Corporate

While some of our colleagues trained for the Corporate Games, other colleagues from Sibiu forgot about their grownup responsibilities for a day and became kids again. They created a ‘Painting Workshop’ and celebrated the Children’s Day properly:

Tortured by last summer’s heat, we created the CGS Club for Short Pants, a campaign we will resume in 2016, too, because summer is coming and we are sure it will be hot!


We cannot forget about the talents we discovered in our team. The CGS team is home for a conductor, a pianist, and creators of bracelets, cooks, skilled tailors, future tattoo artists, photographers and jewellers. And we are sure we will discover even more talents in our team.

We were also involved in helping people who suffer from incurable diseases; we ran in the Hospice semi marathon and we were glad that we were able to contribute to a providing a better life to our fellowmen:

Remember the incredible Robbie Williams concert, which some of us were able to witness? The photos you sent confirmed that it was a total show: In July, we also found out that you like Federer, Sampras and Halep. You definitely enjoy tennis:

Rw photo

It is a pleasure for us to remember the beautiful editions of Happy Friday, where we displayed our hats, sunglasses, funny shoes, mugs and T-shirts with funny messages, bow ties and badges; of course, we are preparing other surprises for 2016! Let’s not forget the adorable duckling race, which enabled us to help deaf children!

2015 was also the year in which we returned to college, where we listened to success stories, stories about them, stories about us. November was the month when Adrian Despot, lead of Vița de Vie, Dorian Boguță, actor and director, and Vlad Irimia, one of the founders of B.U.G. Mafia, met the students in Sibiu and shared advice, their life and professional experiences:

Vlad Irimia blog

There was also the month when you, our colleagues, were superheroes, during the Customer Service Week. You sent us funny pictures of yourselves dressed as your favourite superheroes and you told us about your first day of school:,, and

2015 was also the year when we experienced what it is like to be Sherlock Holmes. What did we do? Some of us became true Sherlock Holmes for a few hours. Why? Because we had to discover the keys opening the doors. Where? In the Escape room! And we got the confirmation that, no matter the age, games are always more than welcome:

As we said, a year full of memories, experiences and smiles. And the year could not end any other way than with a new challenge for us, the challenge of battling with Dacian Pribeanu, the blind chess champion. It was a unique experience, which taught us that we set our own limits and barriers and that we can always overcome these limits, with a lot of ambition, desire and work:

So, we are preparing for more memories and smiles offered to us by 2016!