Performance Loop winners of December!

Innovation, exigence and the concern to perfect things are constant in the activity of the teams of CGS Romania who themselves are in a continuous development process. We have 3 winners this month!

As before, the winners will receive a star on the “Walk of Fame”, a surprise prize and an additional public recognition of their performances.

The Top Performers evaluation was influenced by the innovation also brought by the support from the manager, a support fully attributed to the winners.

Considering the managers’ evaluations, the Top Performers of December 2015 are:

Miruna Visan. Miruna is an extremely serious and dedicated person in order to overcome her limits and expectations with each customer interaction, she is perseverant in reaching her objectives and completing over the targets set by the objectives in her department. In 2015 she achieved a growth in sales of 483.11% compared to 2014. The accuracy rate of the information filled in the invoicing application (SFA) was that of 100%. There were no complaints or claims from the customers related to the information she offered.

Cristian Calu. Willing to learn new things and to work in a well-known and worldwide renowned company, he had a strong approach related to the completion of his stock of knowledge as well as to the focus on professional development. Thanks to the impressive information and the 100% audits performed over several months, Cristi was selected to learn another process and he had the performance to incorporate this information and to correctly apply it in one week, although the training period was that of 3 weeks. The period of August of last year was a victory for Cristi because 11 new processes were outsourced to us and he became the owner of 4 of them. Presently, Cristi is the only employee of this project who is familiarized with almost the entire activity of the Cash area and therefore, his contribution, feedback and help to his colleagues turned him into a “pillar” of the project.

Calota Raluca. Raluca joined the company in 2011, starting with the Coach job title. Related to what Raluca brought as new, we certainly have a lot to discuss, but, in short, she created a form to measure the customer satisfaction. This novelty is also used now by all the agents of the entire project. This form, once implemented, brought the first 100% score for Customer Experience in the history of the project, a record registered in the entire EMEA. At the same time, she created a script that once the client went over it, eliminated a lot of other calls to the call centre for different issues. So, this script helped improve the RAR (Repeat Activity Rate) and the SL, the customers not having to call anymore with false problems.


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