Performance Loop: Innovation and Improvement!

Ever since 12 years ago, when Computer Generated Solutions entered the outsourcing market of Romania, we set high quality standards for the services that we were going to offer, and, throughout our activity insofar, we have not gave them up. Thus, in all this time we supplemented the team with people who understand our vision and, just like us, believe that only by quality services we can become a reference point in the field where we operate.

This way, we managed to expand and enter the Romanian top employers and build a team of over 3000 specialists. In order to feed the appetite for performance, in July 2013 we created Performance Loop, a new concept of internal competition, under which we search for the Top Performer of each month in CGS Romania.

With this contest, we intend to evaluate innovation, award those who wish to improve the good course of things, those who get involved in developing new projects that contribute to improving activity or who simply have a positive impact on the company, processes or certain projects within the company.

We availed ourselves of the concept underlying the contest, namely the idea that each of us can contribute to changing things for better and we expanded it to the level of the personalities who, out of the desire to improve things, contributed to the evolution of the mankind – true models of inspiration for our specialists. Thus, we regularly propose to our colleagues 2 innovating personalities from the history of our country and invite them to nominate employees with outstanding performances registered during a specific month. In exchange, the winners receive, in addition to an excellence diploma, a star on the Walk of Fame of CGS Romania and a prize.

Until now, the Top Performers who found a place on the Walk of Fame and whom we congratulate are: Ana Maria Gherghel, Sabina Motrescu, Carlos Tatis, Iulia Marinca, Iulian Furies, Alexandru Cazacu, Elena Turcu, Vlad Fierascu, Mihaela Nistor, Cosmin Pricopoaea, Andaluzia Dobrin and Mara Murgila.

Don’t forget: be better by paying every day a tribute to excellence!