Is it Friday? No. It’s Happy Friday!


How did the Happy Friday start? It started with a simple e-mail given on 24th June. What was the suggestion in the e-mail? Every Friday had to have a theme and the day would be a combination of celebration and work. As simple as that.

I do not know how many of you know the “concept” of Happy Friday, so common in modern companies, where the good mood and team spirit dominate, but you will know it. Certainly, we will not give it the same meaning, I say this because some of us work at the weekend, so Friday will not be the very last day of the week, but we will adapt. Therefore, we come to you with a proposal, to organize every Friday of each week a special day for us, where we will celebrate with a theme chosen by us”, as it goes the email you received.


So in the first Friday, the girls were dressed in polka dots and the boys in stripes. Then, at the second edition of Happy Friday, our colleagues thought to protect their minds and to face July veiled. Wearing what? A hat, a cap, maybe even a beanie, everyone wore what they wanted.

Well, and what do you think has followed in the third edition? CGS White Sensation followed! Everyone came dressed in white and, as they said, they were afraid they would be mistaken with doctors because the physicians have adopted another trend, namely green, red ropes.


Then it came the sunglasses display, an indispensable accessory in these hot summer days, and a beautiful fifth edition, a truly unusual one.

Why unusual? Because our funny colleagues from Brasov thought to be children again and to gather toys! They collected them, they kept them on the desk all day and then donated them to some more serious teammates, they say. And the tasks for those who received them were really cute!

They will have to organise a large space for the toys, to keep them happily ever after, to wash them once a month, not for any other reason but the fear of mites that could invade their wireless is huge!


What must those who receive toys do? They will have to make a surprise to their colleagues in Brasov!

Do you want to know the surprise? Or maybe do you want to know what comes next? Do not miss any article on the blog, we come soon with news!