Great Rhymes for “Vocea României”

We like competitions, but we like just as much to test our imagination and bring out our creativity. We realized that this is how the most beautiful contests are born. So, recently, we have challenged some of our colleagues to write rhymes about why they would love to be in the audience at the “Vocea României” competition. We received some great rhymes!

Take Dragoș’s for example: “A great voice is something neat/You can sing ‘Pe barba mea’ by the beat/You can hold you guitar tight/And sing your songs throughout the night”. Why does Bogdan want to go to “Vocea României”? Because he wants to meet Tudor Chirilă. Maybe he’ll get to take a selfie with him. Bogdan also sent us a few rhymes: ‘Is your business in great mess?/Ask for help from CGS/If a new problem occurs, the customer starts to mutter/There’s a voice at the other end/Which will appease your discontent!’ He told us that he wishes to be on the set of the “Vocea României” competition because ‘there is a great difference between an event experienced live and one witnessed in front of the TV; on the set, I get to notice every little detail and every element that sets the show in motion’. We hope he’ll tell us about his experience

Corina also gave us a sample of her talent, with the following rhymes: ‘With great talent and great voice/We will give you the best choice/Join us here and have some fun/’Cause this show is number one/You will find here the whole team/To fulfil your greatest dream/Romanians with great voice/Join the fun, put on a show’.

‘I’ve gotta be here for the show/I can join you 2-3 shows in a row/Smiley and Moga are cool men/I hope I get to see them/How to sing I may not know/But I’ll love being there for the show’ were the rhymes created by Cătălin for this competition, which granted him access to the “Vocea României” set. Why him? Because ‘Smiley’s songs make me feel the best, I am his fan and I really want to watch him live in this show’. ‘When I joined CGS/With my VOICE I managed to impress/5 months here, all in a row/this place will not let go/There’s Chirilă, right up there/Next to Smiley, they both stare/at Loredana’s awesome heels/A voice gives Moga new thrills’ were the rhymes that brought Alexandru a spot on the “Vocea României” set.

CGS ii

In addition, some of our colleagues fought over invitations to a party organized in Bucharest, where we celebrated autumn. To win an invitation, they had to wear at least one f traditional Romanian item of clothing, such as the traditional Romanian blouse (i.e. the ie) the vest, the traditional hat from Maramureș (i.e. the clop) or foot plates and to have at least three autumn fruits or vegetables on their desk!

So, the jury deliberated and decided that Ana, Andreia, Corina, Ioana, Luminița, Raluca and Silvia will spend a beautiful autumn evening, at the mansion.