Discovering the Talent next to us: Silviu, the Demo Producer

Silviu’s passion for music was born when he was in high school and a classmate borrowed him a CD with software programs, which happened to include music production software.

He played with that software and discovered he was a natural at it. In time, Silviu started to produce demos and a few of the tracks he created were used by some bands at his high school, for their songs.

Silviu told us that his passion became just a hobby in college and he rediscovered it in 2010, when he joined CGS.

‘I’d forgotten how much I love doing this and I tried going back to doing what I loved after college, hoping to turn it into a profession. Unfortunately, since time is extremely limited, so is the possibility to evolve and promote oneself as an independent artist. It remained a nice hobby, although the laptop I used six months ago is dead, so I can say I am on a creative break, so to say’, explains Silviu.

Our colleague wants each song, each of his creations to tell a story, he does not focus on a specific style. ‘I covered just about everything in the range of electro, dance, house, deep house; I even dabbled with soundtracks’.


Yes, you read well. Soundtracks! Talking to him, we found out that Silviu created a few tunes for the soundtracks of a game still in production.

Lately, however, Silviu has changed his music preferences a bit, going retro. ‘I like artists in the style of Kavinsky, who brought a bit of the 80s, but with dark influences. Each song must convey a state. If you get nothing out of a song, it is a cheap song, the commercial stuff we hear every day, on the Romanian music market, which is rather sad, unfortunately’, Silviu told us.

The most recent tracks published under the stage name Linework can be found on his Soundcloud page and they are part of the album called “Imperfections”, if you are curious to listen to his creations. Enjoy!