Discovering talents around us: Alex, an actor in a continuous ascent

Roles, frames, smoke, costumes, many retakes, many locations, people, festivals, ceremonies, all of these turn the world of cinematography in a truly fascinating one. And Alex, our colleague, is fully enjoying this fascinating universe, this of cinema.

Alex manifested early his interest in acting and stage. He told us that he has desired since primary school to take part in all the plays and sketches that were staged.

His beginning as a film director happened in secondary school when he convinced a teacher to let him take care of staging the entire show from that year. He developed a concept starting from “X Files” and he managed to complete the full project up to the applauses at the curtain drop.

2014 was the year when Alex followed his passion and started the classes at the Acting and Film School founded by Dragoș Bucur, Dorian Boguță and Alexandru Papadopol. From that time and until today he graduated from its courses and has played in three movies.


One of these movies is “Two lottery tickets” by Paul Negoescu, from its cast there is: Dorian Boguță, Dragoș Bucur, Alexandru Papadopol and Andi Vasluianu.

The story of Negoescu’s independent film focuses on the situation created by three men from a small town who are in urgent need of money and decide to buy a lottery ticket. The winning ticket is stolen, and our three heroes try to do their best to retrieve it. In their search for the lost ticket, the three characters experience several situations and adventures. Regarding this feature film, Dragoș Bucur, one of the main actors, said in an interview for Agerpres that “this is real craziness, because we have an independent project, few money, a lot of passion.”


You can also see Alex playing in “The Wall” directed by Stela Pelin where he plays alongside Dorian Boguță and Paul Radu. Set somehow in a timeless setting, in a period of riots against an oppression management system, the sequence of the story relates the tale of a revolutionary group that are caught and sentenced to death.

And because enough years have passed since his beginning as a director, let’s say that Alex returned behind the actors. Therefore, Alex produced the shortfilmcalled “Victor”, a film created within the 48 Hour Film Project competition. How does 48 Hour Film Project work? The participants draw the film genre as well as a line, a name and a character profile, a prop and they have at their disposal 48 hours to integrally produce the film. And Alex accepted this challenge.


Thus, during the 2015 edition from Romania, Alex directed, played and elaborated the soundtrack of the shortfilm. His film won a series of prizes at the cinematographic ceremony festivity, and it is focused on the story of a spy that tries to avenge his brother’s death, being consumed with his interior conflicts with his father.


The only thing that is left for us to do is to wait for his first feature film and its premiere at Cannes!