Dacian Pribeanu has given us a Life Lesson beyond Chess

Last week, CGS was the host of a novel event. Dacian Pribeanu, the blind chess champion, challenged us to a chess match.  Our colleagues from Bucharest, Sibiu and Brașov were remarkable and they found that the opportunity to meet him was ‘attractive’, some of them rediscovering their passion for this mind sport and enjoying an impressive life lesson.

‘It was an amazing experience. It is obvious that Dacian has a mind trained for such a sport. At the same time, this experience revived my passion for this fantastic strategy game, which I am determined to play more often from now on’, Dan told us.


In addition, Marius said that meeting Dacian Pribeanu was a new and captivating experience, which ‘taught me a lot and when I say a lot I refer not only to chess, but also to the life lesson Dacian taught us’. ’He showed us that in life, if you have a dream and enough ambition to reach it, you can overcome other difficulties’, he added. Marius as well considers that a championship among the employees would be a good idea.

Moreover, Mihai went as far as writing a poem about his experience: ‘In the heavy battle/Of kings about to perish/I met a worthy opponent/The mighty Dacian/I use a tight defensive/Faced with a general/Attacking on his horses/Showing me a great experience/For me, a heavy battle/For his mind holds the secret/A code of wooden pieces/Which Dacian Pribeanu reveals to me’. Adrian was also delighted to meet Dacian Pribeanu and he declared that the chess simultaneous matches were ‘an excellent initiative’, an opportunity for the colleagues passionate about this sport to have a unique experience, in the company of a true champion, both in life and in chess! ‘Life’s but a great chess board, with many, many matches/In love, at work, all heavy battles/A strong man’s secret lies in his heart and in his mind/In his planning ten moves ahead’, Adrian told us!

This being said, we thank Dacian Pribeanu for the challenge to play against him!

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