Customer Service Week: Ideas for the weekend

We had a very busy week. We worked and we had a lot of fun. We celebrated the Customer Service Week. Every day, our colleagues had a fun theme. It certainly wasn’t easy for them to focus on job tasks, as well as to put creative ideas into practice.

So, after so much fun, color, roles and competitions, the weekend is finally here! We have prepared some tips for spending your free time this weekend, with events, parties and shows in Bucharest, Braşov or Târgu Jiu, suggested by our Customer Care colleagues:

Lavinia Parnia:

I know that, every week, we are all waiting for the weekend with a desire to travel, and I thought I could help you with some ideas. The weekend starts from the second we leave the job and there is no time to lose.


Between October 6th and 16th, the Food Truck Festival takes place at Promenada Mall. Ten food trucks start out in an unprecedented tour with some of the most delicious street food proposals.

The Theater ‘În Culise’ is organizing, starting at 21:00, a Stand-Up Comedy show with Alexandru Minculescu, Maria Popovici, Florin Frățilă and Alexandru Banciu. Entrance costs RON 20. For reservations you can call 0735 026 762.

If you want to relax watching a show, Bulandra Theater has representations of ‘The Queen’ or ‘The Wild Duck’, starting at 7:00 P.M.. The cost of the tickets varies between RON 20 and RON 60, and at Godot Cafe you can watch the play ‘The 4 of us’, for RON 40.

Between September 30th and October 31st, Grădina Sticlarilor on Vasile Lascăr  street has prepared a sculpture and video mapping exhibition, ‘Classic vs. Contemporary’.

The third edition of the festival ‘Autumn with crayfish and seafood flavors’ takes place in IOR Park, next to Maramureș Church, and the festival lasts until Sunday.

Also from October 7th to 9th, ArCuB presents the ‘Sensory Map of Bucharest’ event, a guided tour that will take you through places in Bucharest with memorable stories.


If the weather is good, I recommend you start your day with delicious coffee or aromatic tea in Herăstrău Park, next to the Japanese Garden, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The National Museum of Contemporary Art hosts, until October 9th, the exhibition ‘Shape of Time – Future of Nostalgia’, an exhibition of architecture and interior design. The museum is located in the Parliament Palace, it has 4 floors and gives you the opportunity to relax on the top floor terrace where you can admire the scenery.

At 8:00 P.M., Colivia on Pache Protopopescu is hosting the ‘Beijing Being’ projection, a guerilla-style production that premiered at the Montreal Film Festival and received a four-star review from The Guardian. You can spend the night in the Old Center.


For Sunday, I would propose to the girls a walk up to Dichisar, the autumn fair held by Impact Hub in Unirii area, where Romanian designers are exhibiting their novelties in fashion.

For the rest of the day, if you’re lucky to have good weather, I suggest a walk through one of the parks, on foot or by bike, watching a film at home or at the mall, as you like.

Liana Manta

The weekend is right around the corner it tells us, step by step, that it’s time to relax with your loved ones. I suggest we do something different this weekend.

Let us stop for a moment from this race with time. Let’s look at what surrounds us, and admire the simplicity of a landscape.

I propose we visit our elders, who are always happy to see us, and to give them back a little of their love – a flower for your grandmother and a bottle of wine for your grandfather. Let us rejoice in their joy and enjoy their smile when they welcome us inside!

This weekend, I propose we think about those around us. Let’s have a quick look in our cabinets and give a coat to the old homeless man, sitting in the corner of the building, since a cold autumn has already started. Let’s also bring him a cup of tea.

Even the cat hiding under the abandoned car from the parking lot deserves a sachet of Whiskas and some milk.

After all this, it would be ideal to continue our day with a visit to the tombs of those who have passed away. Let’s bring a flower and light a candle. Let’s show them that we have not forgotten them, even if they are no longer with us to comfort us with a good word.

And let’s not forget about our parents. Let’s have a visit to mum and dad, who will greet us with a cup of tea and a bunch of stories about their monotony. Let’s listen to them, smiling in our hearts, while enthusiastically telling us how much they missed us.

Having done that, it’s time to sit comfortably on the armchair and feel like winners.

Szotyori Nandor:

As the weather is announced to be capricious, mostly cold, with possible showers, I can imagine nothing but the heat of a stove in the company of friends, sitting in a cottage. It’s time for whispering stories between friends and mulled wine. In order to enjoy this moment, you also need a small hike or a short trip of historical significance, just enough to make you wish for the warmth of the stove and mulled wine.

 Rafael Apafi:

I don’t know about you, but I will definitely stay home, in my birthplace, away from the city and its noise. I’m sick of clubs, teenager parties or bar hopping ’till morning.

Where am I from? I’m from Prejmer. Prejmer is a pretty big town, near Brașov, of about eight thousand inhabitants, mostly Romanians. At origins, this is a Saxon commune, developed around the evangelical church from its early days. Over time, the small church grew, was fortified, and became a fortress of which we are proud. It is registered on the UNESCO Heritage List and it is visited yearly by tens of thousands of tourists.

In Prejmer, in addition to the ‘Pancakes’ and the ‘Pancake Caravan’ tradition, on old Saxon tradition will be resumed this weekend: Harvest Day. Traders from all over the area will come here for ‘trading’ home-made products, such as cheese, pickles, the vegetable spread called ‘zacuscă’, meat products and meat, but also wine, the Romanian spirit called ‘țuică’ or various compotes. The tasting will be homely, and, as a gourmet, I wouldn’t miss such an occasion.

The evening will culminate with a stew which only my father knows how to do, in the family, along with some dear friends, sipping some local Prejmer wine, sitting around the fire.

Vlad Marcu:

For this weekend, I think a good idea would be to go for a walk through Bucharest. Why not hold a workshop in an interesting place such as an 8-stores building? Above Bucharest. I think the best suitable would be a team-building sharing and communication workshop. By this, I understand some time to listen to each other, to get know ourselves more deeply and to learn to accept. The whole thing can be followed by going out somewhere in a pub, or with little imagination, the space can be adapted. We could get some boxes and do some shopping, and quickly and efficiently arrange a mini-bar. For Sunday, why not hold a treasure hunt among us, like those shown on TV, with clues that eventually lead to a prize, and celebrate by going out somewhere like the garden from Eden? Let’s do that in teams, for even more team-building and better communication at work!

Alice Zwolfer:

Since winter is here , an idea for this weekend would be a camp-fire, holding a cup of mulled wine, surrounded by friends. If you want to learn to be ZEN, you can attend the Saturday morning course on Lungă Street in Brașov. Are you in the mood for music? Horia Brenciu and BUG Mafia are coming to Brașov today! Brașov is the most awesome city in the world! Do whatever makes you happy!

Marius Olaru:

After a week with capricious weather, I have some good news for you: the sun will be smiling upon us in the weekend! So you’d better plan a fun weekend. If you don’t know how, let me tell you:


 We can start the evening with an outdoor outing in the Shopping City Târgu Jiu parking, to enjoy together an exceptional Voltage concert, held in the X Tour national tournament. For those of you who are party-animals, we have two alternatives for a successful evening:

A new concept of parties is promoted by Mozart Club&Caffe, with special guests, Dj Andrei Cioclea and DeeyayOvi, with whom you can party from 11:00 P.M. until sunrise.

Towers Cafe is expecting you from 10:00 P.M. for a classy party with DJ Erick Szasz ( Bikool Music Events TM ). Free entrance.


For those of you enjoy spending your time with the family, those of you with kids at home, I recommend a visit to the Gorj County Museum ‘Alexandru Ştefulescu’, at 2: P.M., where the ‘School as you like it’ event takes place.

Since we had a great time on Friday, I suggest relaxing with a comedy on Saturday. Cinema City Targu Jiu is screening ‘Two Lottery Tickets’ between 11:20 A.M. and 7:30 P.M., for a good laugh and characters going from ecstasy to agony. This is what the new film directed by Paul Negoescu and produced by Dragoș Bucur promises. This is an authentic Romanian film that you shouldn’t miss!


On Sunday, October 9th, starting at 9 P.M., the Autumn Festival 2016 takes place –   an event dedicated to celebrating the harvest and rediscovering authentic traditions, customs and craftsmanship. Visitors will be greeted with the most tasty

traditional dishes, wines, contests, folk and traditional music shows, grape crushing demonstrations using a manual press and many other surprises.

Autumn has started with cool mornings. It continues with pale leaves coming off resigned from the tree branches. Breezy winds are next, bringing winter whispers. Till then, let’s rejoice the melancholic beauty of autumn!

 Have a great weekend!