CGS Academy – Excel Courses

CGS Academy is our internal program through which we offer to our colleagues the opportunity to learn new things or to deepen existing knowledge directly from more experienced colleagues or who are specialists in certain fields. Because we like to continuously improve, because we want to evolve and develop our skills and because we want to acquire new skills, we offer various courses to employees such as: Excel courses, a mentoring program supported by colleagues, as well as first aid courses or personal development courses, provided by specialists.

Today, the numbers are everything. The fast pace in which we live requires a better management of data, statistics, reports on which our success depends upon. An incredibly powerful tool which we can use is Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application, useful both in the professional life and for personal use.

Thus, we introduced a new professional development program, more precisely an Excel Course that will be part of our program, CGS Academy, a course that was taught by our colleagues Ana Maria Popescu (Human Resources Specialist) and Alexandru Burtea (Project Manager WFM).

Basic knowledge of Excel is a must for most areas of business, regardless of your position or the city in which you work. We recommend that you enroll in the Excel Course within CGS Academy, which will help you improve, gain new knowledge, and work effectively with the program.

The courses took place exclusively online, between August 12-13-14, the duration being 2 hours in each of these days.

Although we only had 10 places ready for our colleagues, we were glad to see many people interested in this course and we are pleased to inform you that the first edition was successfully completed – we have 16 colleagues who now master better the Excel-related basics.

Follow the internal emails to sign up for the next Excel Courses session.

If you are still not sure if you want to participate or not, here is a testimonial from one of our colleagues who has already graduated this course:

I participated in the Excel training. It was very, very useful. The information was explained logically, comprehensively and last but not least in my understanding.
• developed logical thinking in using Excel and the subsequent formulas. The formulas in Excel scared me, because I didn’t understand their way / logic
• accumulation of new and useful information (RANDOM, MID, LEFT, RIGHT, Conditional formatting etc.)
• I finally understood VLOOKUP
No cons 😊”

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