CGS Academy: A new mentoring graduate series

In organizations, many employees would like to be able to “absorb” expertise, knowledge and skills from the company’s most valued people. Thus, five years ago, we launched a mentoring program within our company, which we then extended, nationally, to our all seven centers.

Mentoring is a type of training program through which an employee with more seniority and experience (respectively, with a management position) acts as an advisor and guide for a junior or middle level employee.

Specifically, through mentoring, an experienced employee (mentor) shares his knowledge and experience with another employee (mentee), at the beginning of his career or at the change of professional direction.




A good mentor provides advice to the junior employee at regular intervals, and they are available for any questions. Such a mentor shares their knowledge, suggests alternatives, answers question, and analyzes complex situations with the mentee.
Thus, the model is maintained, being improved with each generation of graduates of this internal program. The recipe for success lies in identifying the best practices within the company and turning them into courses and modules delivered by experienced and senior colleagues, who can best explain certain aspects from their own experience.

This year’s edition was more special as we offered a special award, for excellence, to our colleague Octavian Lixeanu who was part of this program as a mentor every year, since the first edition. His contribution is undeniable, as evidenced by colleagues who have successfully graduated from the mentoring program under the guidance of Octavian. Thank you and we wish you as many graduates as possible, Octavian!

And because we always like to hear and pass on your opinions, we leave below some of the impressions of those who participated in this project, whether they were mentors or mentees:


Ioana Costache – mentee




Being part of the mentoring program meant a great opportunity for me.
It was a joy to have Florin as my mentor, because it was an officialization of an already existing situation.
Through the past 3 years since I became a Team Leader, I have always benefited from Florin’s guidance, advice and support.
The program gave me the opportunity to better assimilate the theory of what I was already putting into practice, to improve the problematic aspects and to bring up new topics for myself.
I am grateful to Florin for giving me this opportunity.


Octavian Lixeanu – mentor

I had the pleasure to work this year in the CGS Mentoring program with Fabian Marghescu. At the beginning of our sessions, Fabian was a Team Leader on our project. At the end of them, following a rigorous selection process, he got promoted to the position of Project Manager, on the same project. Therefore, for him, this program came just in time. Fabian had stood out, from the moment he joined our company, through seriousness, the extraordinary ability to learn new things in a short time and excellent communication and interaction skills with people. Over the years he has constantly improved these qualities.

During the mentoring program, I was happy to see Fabian’s receptivity, his desire to learn and assimilate new information, and the fact that, from meeting to meeting, he became more and more confident about himself and his knowledge.

Therefore, the successful completion of this mentoring program came naturally. I am convinced that Fabian will continue to be a real asset for our company and that he will deliver excellent results in his new position.


Simona Săpunaru – mentee




I am glad that I had the chance to participate in this program, because it helped me to develop and improve myself.

It was extraordinary, a period in which I accumulated and deepened a large volume of information, it helped me to broaden my horizons both personally and professionally.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this project, thank you to my mentor, Andreea Neamțu, for all the support.


Andreea Neamțu (Pătrășcan) – mentor

Participating in the mentoring program was for me the first official opportunity to share from my experience some of the “secrets” of the road to success.

Due to the variety of projects I have worked in so far, I had the chance to be an “unofficial mentor” for at least 20 mentees, which also helped my professional development.

Simona Săpunaru, the mentee with whom I had the chance to work with during this program, is the definition of willingness and determination, tools that helped her in a fairly short time, to successfully manage a sales team and to cope with all challenges and tasks.

I continue to support this program and congratulate all participants: Mentors, because they shared their experiences and mentees alike, because they were so open, receptive and also contributed to the professional development of mentors. A real “win-win :)”


Carla Pirvu – mentee




For me, the mentoring program meant the chance for professional development through the most current methods. The project I am working on is a challenging environment in the best sense of the word. Therefore, along with a desire to develop, the trust given to me by the chance to participate, and all the information accumulated during the mentoring program, describe altogether my path and performance in the last year within the company. Speaking of current methods, I believe that the mutual exchange of strategies and ideas, are the basis of a successful collaboration and maintain the balance within the project. Therefore, I thank my mentor, Vasile Badiu, for a harmonious collaboration, and CGS, for supporting the young. Friends working together!


Vasile Badiu – mentor

Carla recently got promoted, in 2019, on the position of Team Leader and from the beginning of our collaboration she demonstrated a fantastic thirst for knowledge, which recommended her for the mentoring program. We had the opportunity to discuss ideas and develop plans, which helped us both work more effectively with all the colleagues we interact with on a daily basis. It was a beautiful experience at the end of which we learned how important it is to look for more ways to communicate in order to transform both ourselves and those we work with. I am also proud of Carla for successfully completing her mentoring program!

We are delighted with the wonderful results achieved through this program, as well as the success it enjoys among our colleagues.

Good luck to everyone in the future!

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