A new mentoring program within CGS Academy has been completed

A new mentoring program within CGS Academy has been completed

The most recent annual mentoring program at CGS Academy, started in April 2019, has been completed. We have 10 graduates (mentees) who, together with their mentors, traveled the path of initiation and development in areas they wanted to deepen and needed support. Initiated 4 years ago, the mentoring program within CGS Academy is part of the company’s concerns for the personal and professional development of our colleagues. Wondering what does a mentoring program mean?

A good mentor provides advice to the junior employee at regular intervals and is available for any questions. A mentor shares their knowledge, suggests alternatives, answers questions and analyzes complex situations with the mentee.

The interaction between mentors and mentees depends on several factors such as the specificity of the project, the learning objectives, the personal development needs, the activities proposed in the project, the challenges that arise along the way or the intended results. Our mentoring program involves regular meetings, so that all of this naturally turns into a learning experience. In addition, depending on the type of project, the support from the mentor can provide guidance and even inspiration, both to improve the way of working and to generate new ideas.

Let’s congratulate the 10 mentees of the 2019-2020 promotion, but also their mentors who were with them in this project:

  • Alexandra Tatu (mentee) – Octavian Florin Lixeanu (mentor)
  • Bogdan Andrei Stiriuc (mentee) – Florina Elena Stoica (mentor)
  • Camelia Elena Morlovea (mentee) – Alexandra Iulia Sora (mentor)
  • Teodora Maria Manolea (mentee) – Alexandra Harabulă (mentor)
  • Reka Torok (mentee) – Diana Laura Diță (Siclovan) (mentor)
  • Răzvan Cătălin Popescu (mentee) – Corina Stricescu (mentor)
  • Ana-Maria Popescu (mentee) – Alexandru Burtea (mentor)
  • Adrian Budău (mentee) – Răzvan Bleamba (mentor)
  • Sofronea Emanuela Georgeta (mentee) – Florin Păcuraru (mentor)
  • Anda Genoveva Dinulescu (mentee) – Diana Beharvandi (mentor)


Here are some testimonials from participants of the mentoring program:

Camelia Morlovea (mentee, Alexandra Sora – mentor)

“The mentoring program is structured in a coherent manner, it is a chance, a continuous lesson of both professional development and personal development. I would like to thank my mentor for her patience, dedication, for the way she presented the information and explained it. I appreciate the lessons offered when it comes to receptivity, availability, organization, feedback. Alexandra taught me how to communicate more efficiently, better, which helped me a lot, especially during this unexpected period of WFH.”

Alexandra Sora (mentor about Camelia Morlovea – mentee)

“I am very happy to have been able to participate in this mentoring program. When I decided to get involved, I didn’t know how much it would help me to grow, given that I had just been promoted for two weeks. The biggest reward is that I managed to share my knowledge with Camelia and we managed to learn together. Camelia showed promptness and seriousness throughout the partnership. We were very pleased with this program, and I recommend it to everyone.”

Bogdan Stiuriuc (mentee, Florina Stoica – mentor)

“Through the mentoring program we had the opportunity to get a deep reflection on the duties and responsibilities that each department within the company has. There are things that you cannot learn or understand just by reading, therefore you need details from other people with more experience on the position you are in. Sharing perspectives, but also thoughts contribute to creating a knowledge base that you can return to, whenever you need it. Thus, using experience, you will reduce the situations in which you will not know how to act, and it becomes an ability that you will use throughout your career.”

Octavian Lixeanu (mentor, about Alexandra Tatu – mentee)

“I had the great pleasure to work with Alexandra during this period and to follow her evolution. Alexandra joined our company more than 5 years ago. From the very beginning, she proved to be a hardworking person, who you can count on and who understands the business very well. Today she is one of the senior Team Leaders and, although she leads a team that, day by day, faces extremely difficult tasks, she manages to deliver excellent results every month. I really wanted to work with her in this mentoring program, because, from my point of view, Alexandra can grow and develop even more in the future. These months during which we worked together only strengthened my beliefs, as Alexandra assimilated very well the knowledge I wanted to pass on to her, showed a very good ability to assimilate information and showed constant desire for improvement and development, in order to build a successful career.”

Alexandru Burtea (mentor, about Ana-Maria Popescu – mentee)

“This mentoring program offered me a new, pleasant and very useful experience, far exceeding the expectations I initially had. What I perceived at its start as a one-on-one training, turned out to be a collaboration from which we had a lot to learn and which developed us professionally, both as a mentor and as a mentor.”

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