We discover the talent next to us: Alexandra, moments, sketches and wood painting

Alexandra has been working for CGS since 2014 and she has just celebrated this month the one year anniversary with colleagues. She says that the CGS experience helped her tremendously in the way she perceives a buyer. “I learned how to sell to anyone and how to promote a product. Mainly, I learned to put myself in the shoes of the buyer. What I’d like to buy? How much I’d wish to pay for a genuine item? This is how I came up with the idea of unique products at low prices”, says Alexandra.


Like all artists, Alexandra draws since forever and says that she cannot sit still if she does not draw or sketches something. “I have started painting in middle school and high school, on paper, essentially, and I also practiced painting on walls. I started painting on wood later in college when I wanted to try something new. And I had plenty of wood at home, my dad working in wood. I really like the way acrylics match with wood so I continued to paint it. I also tried to paint canvas and I came back to paper as well, but the wood remains the best from my point of view, especially since I can be jewellery boxes that I sell on the Internet”, reports Alexandra.

Alexandra admires a lot of artists and says that she found the majority on the Internet, but her preferences are constantly changing. “Currently I follow a Finnish artist, Minna Sundberg, author of “The Redtail’s Dream” and “Stand Still. Stay Silent”.

Since she has been painting, Alexandra also sold some of her creations. Thus, one of the most valuable works that she sold cost 100 lei, had over one meter height and it was an order.

But she says that she would never sell her first painting on wood. It is a white wolf on a black background and its sentimental value comes from the simple fact that “it did not go as expected, but it remains her favourite picture”.

Before joining our team, Alexandra worked in trade. She began with a part-time job, and the painting on wood business started a few months after he joined CGS. Alexandra said that CGS Romania flexitime helps her to deal with her business with painted objects and wood painting, remaining at the same time, part of the team she found here.

In the future, Alexandra wants to try to paint furniture and to expose the finished articles in as many places possible!