Summer Corporate Games 2016: #FriendsWorkingTogether, #FriendsPlayingTogether, #FriendsWinningTogether!

This time as well, CGS Romania has shown that the fair play spirit and the concern for performance make a difference, regardless of the specifics of the competition. We attended the Summer Corporate Games 2016 with enthusiasm, we had a great time and we also won: two trophies and 9 medals, out of which 4 gold medals! 🙂 We are extremely proud of our colleagues, we congratulate him and we thank him for his effort!

These extraordinary results have overcome any expectations and we are happy that, for the third year in a row, CGS Romania obtained the most prestigious acknowledgment of the competition, the trophy Sport for Life, granted to the company which acknowledges the importance of sports by recording the largest number of participants, in our case 156 sportsmen.

The second trophy won was the trophy for the 7th Division, where CGS participants registered in the competition of this edition scored the best value.

We congratulate our colleagues for the results and awards obtained at the Summer Corporate Games 2016 competitions:

  1. CGSHORNETS Team – 1st place. Basketball mixed
  2. LA BAKERS Team – 5th place Basketball men
  3. CGS BK3 Team – 6th place Basketball men
  4. Aurelia Fuciu – 2nd place Billiards
  5. Tina-Stefania Dumitrescu – 3rd place Billiards
  6. Margareta-Iuliana Patras – 5th place Billiards
  7. Bogdan Bucur & Valentin Malau – 5th place Billiards
  8. Iulia Solyon – 8th place Cycling
  9. Aura Militaru – 1st place Running
  10. Irina Hagiescu – 2nd place Running
  11. Ionelia-Claudia Surdu – 2nd place Running
  12. Alexandra Badea Rasa – 5th place Shooting
  13. Bianca Ioana Lelutiu – 6th place Shooting
  14. Ionela Novac – 8th place Shooting
  15. Robert Stefan Bularca – 3rd place Shooting
  16. CGS Sibiu – 6th place Soccer
  17. Victor Teodoru – 1st place Swimming 100 m
  18. Victor Teodoru – 1st place Swimming 50 m
  19. Cristian Vrancianu – 5th place Tennis
  20. Carmen Grecu – 8th place Bowling
  21. CGS Wolves – 7th place Volleyball

CGS Romania enrolled in the Summer Corporate Games Bucharest, both as a competitor, and as partner of the event, for passion for sports and for the desire to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

We play together, we win together!


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