Our colleagues in Sibiu played with colours and invite us to a children exhibition in their company’s yard

Our CGS Sibiu colleagues wanted to forget for a day that they’re grown-ups with responsibilities and, as they say, started acting childishly. They had fun, they rope jumped, and most importantly, played with colours. The first step was creating a `Painting Workshop`.


Said and done. Colours were aligned and they got down to business. As expected, the boys painted cars and robots and the girls, houses and princesses. There were enough drawings to make an awesome exhibition in the Sibiu headquarters yard.

And Children’s Day didn’t end here. For all to be complete, you couldn’t miss an important element such as modelling dough. So from the hands of the master craftsmen, small suns, trees, flowers and clouds were created. A true modelling dough picture in a frame.


Still, the 1st June celebrations had to come to an end. So they went back to childhood games: Duck Hunt, Countries, and lots of soap bubbles and lollipops.