On its Anniversary, CGS Romania receives the „Multinational Company of the Year” Award

This year’s anniversary of CGS Romania, its 13th anniversary, will have a new significance, because on Monday our company received the “Multinational Company of the Year” award, at the Wall-Street.ro Gala. This is the most important Wall-Street.ro event of the year.


The theme of the gala was “innovation in business”, with over 250 managers and entrepreneurs, partners and friends of the WS community present at the event.

‘This year, we intend to open the fifth centre in Romania, where we believe we will be able to hire 2,000 people, during the following 24 months. Competition in the area of human resources, on the outsourcing market, is very intense and this was the main challenge we faced in 2015’, mentioned Cornelia Zorilă, Operations Manager at CGS Romania. Therefore, #CGS13 is awarded the title “Multinational Company of the Year”, on its anniversary.


The photographs were taken by Mircea Dragoș.