This May has brought promising beginnings: three new teams have started interesting projects in Miercurea Ciuc, Brasov and Galati!

Bine aţi venit! Welcome! Benvenuto! Üdvözöljük! Bienvenue!

Positive and motivated, our colleagues have taken over calls from our clients and, even if they described their first experiences as `intense`, they successfully coped with the challenge.

“New team in town :)”

With great joy, crying it from the rooftops, the team of Miercurea Ciuc started taking calls from customers on May 5th at 1:30 pm.

In the first days, emotions were unleashed in the training room, where the new team tested its limits in a “on the job training”. The photos below speak for themselves.

But, in the following week, things went back to normal and everybody is ready to deal with the most interesting outsourcing challenges.

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“Live from Braşov”

At the beginning of May, 19 colleagues started a new technological adventure in Brasov, within a new support team with Italian.

During training, three hard-working and competitive teams, the Lions, the Minions and Bronx, competed in skills and knowledge. The result of the competition was a united team, that outdid itself.

Highly enthusiastic and very well trained, things for which they thank their trainer, Iggy, the new experts in technical support have already become familiar with their roles and confidently take over the tasks coming from the customers. They have even a motto ”The only way is up!” and are determined to be the best in their domain.


“Galaţi parle français”

In Galati, too, three new colleagues are in training to set up a new team specialized in French. The technical part has been ensured and the training is going well, so positive results are expected soon.

Some of our colleagues shared with us the thoughts and emotions of the beginning:

”I wanted to be a part of this project, driven by the desire to improve on my knowledge in computer systems. From the very beginning, during the recruitment period, I’ve met people with a professional attitude that have explained me what the project consisted of, what were the job requirements and the company’s expectations from me. The training period was very interesting, both productive and fun. It allowed us to acquire the knowledge necessary for starting the activity. The first week was intense, full of challenges, but, thanks to my experienced colleagues and the knowledge acquired during training, I managed to cope with the situation.` – Marius Nasca

unnamed (1)

`I came here wanting to start working on a new project, because, that way I could learn new things and grow together with the project. The training period was interesting, because I had the chance to learn interesting and technical things, but also the opportunity to meet new beautiful people to work with in my job. We managed to deal with the big flow of calls and we are working together and helping each other to offer the best solution to the problem of the client. I’m glad to be a part of this project and to have the opportunity to work with those that are now my colleagues and managers!` – Oana Clopotel


`I graduated from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest. I studied Romanian-French, then a Master with the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures. I started working at CGS in April 2016. What impressed me the most was the friendly atmosphere. I like what I do and I successfully fulfill my daily target. I believe that this company is ideal for developing a successful career and I want to evolve step by step in order to be as satisfied as possible with my career.` – Georgiana Lungu

Lungu Georgiana

`I graduated from the University Dunarea de Jos- Galati, the Faculty of Economic Studies, and specialization International Economic Relations. At the moment, I’m working at CGS Romania – Galati branch. I have to confess that I am very excited about my job and I like very much what I do. Here, I found a pleasant and friendly work environment. Even though I am at the beginning of my career at CGS, still being in training, I have acquired enough information to carry out my daily activity as efficiently as possible, being able to fulfill my daily target.` – Cati Catalina Predescu

Predescu Cati Catalina

Good luck to the new teams!

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