#CGSDreamTeam won the Sport for Life Grand Award

I was telling you here, about two weeks ago, about the awards CGS had its eye on for Corporate Games Bucharest. I say ”had its eye on” because Radu ranked first for men’s shooting, and Laura second for women’s shooting.

Last night, ArCuB hosted the award ceremony. It was a night full of surprises, since the CGS team not only won the shooting award, but also won two other cups. That’s right, they look like football cups, two large silver cups.

So, we won the cup for the 7th division, as well as the Sport for Life Grand Award, the highest Corporate Games distinction. This award belongs to us, everyone involved in this Bucharest Corporate Games edition, to those of us fighting to be on top for this competition.

CityNights Corporate

We were pleased with these awards, however, our teamwork was the most important. As Bogdan was saying, Corporate Games Bucharest was a lovely experience where all competitions showcased both their competitiveness and teamwork.

‘There was this amazing energy, the parade was vitalizing and the party was an excellent finish for an extremely interesting weekend`, Bogdan added about Corporate Games event in Bucharest.

We picked up the trophies, we took the two cups and brought them to CGS where they will be properly displayed. We are #CGSDreamTeam!

CityNights Corporate

P.S.: Almost forgot! Last night we played the awards ceremony and we also played the first song of the `Sport for life` Orchestra, with the help of boomwhacker!