Another run for hope

We are young. Most of us are students or freshly graduated, with interest in the society we live in. And for this reason, we are involved in social life and believe this is the way to move things, change lives.

For over three years, we support the Hospice Casa 2Speranței (House of Hope Hospice) campaigns of redirecting 2% of the income tax to look after people fighting incurable diseases, and in the first months of 2015 we chose to get involved in the „2% for dignity” campaign.

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Thus, through a simple gesture of redirecting the 2% of the income tax, around 1,000 of our colleagues managed to raise EUR 27,000 for the people life’s trials were particularly hard on.

The satisfaction each of us feels comes from the fact that once the donation is made, we know for sure what our contribution would be invested in. For instance, if we talk the Bucharest headquarters, filling out a 2% tax form is worth EUR 27 on the average, and the over 560 forms we gathered since the year began make up almost EUR 15,255, which is approximately RON 67,000!

Practically, this amount is over 180 days of boarding in the bedded HOSPICE unit and over 250 visits at patients’ homes.

We thus became ‘Hospice Ambassadors’ and this title and diplomas we received always remind us we contributed in giving a better life to people in pain.

And our cause did not end here. We were among those who chose to run under the `Big Steps for Hope` slogan. We chose to run because we care about the lives of those around us.

hospicemaraton maratonhospice2


Via the Hospice Half Marathon, more precisely through the amounts of donations raised by every participant, we were able to grant hope to patients and we were happy that our help produced a change in their lives.

Each year, around 1,000 people join Team HOSPICE and take part in one of the sports events organized in Romania, with the intention of helping HOSPICE patients, children and adults affected by incurable disease, which the foundation cares for free of charge in Bucharest, Braşov, Făgăraş and Zărneşti.