We discover the talent next to us: Radu and Vlad’s bracelets, Romanian competitors for Police and Fossil

Radu and Vlad made their first bracelets when they were 8 and 6 respectively. They made the bracelets for them, but also for a few friends. They tell that everything was available, from materials to tools, given that their father was leather craftsman.

Now the brothers have big goals. They want to expand more internationally as well as in other areas.

Their aim is that in the coming years they can exceed Prada, Furla, Fossil and Police in the category accessories for men. What do the bracelets made by them offer? Superior quality and a stylish design at extremely affordable prices.

Radu has been working in CGS since 2014 and Vlad joined our team four months ago. Both say that the jobs they have in CGS gave them the opportunity to develop a range of skills applicable in their own business.

Working in the sales department, I think it’s needless to say that I learned to sell. This is reflected in the results we have monthly from 2014 to present. Maybe it sounds a little cliché, but since I work here I “taught” myself, better said I developed a lot: I learned to have more patience, I learned to be more diplomatic and I learned how to change my point of view so as to present the same situation from another perspective. Moreover, I learned to speak English. Besides the excellent team and the open-minded management to anything, I love that I can talk to all kinds of people, and I am a person who likes to talk to anyone, and through this job I can talk to ordinary people, athletes, military, small business owners, franchisees, says Radu.

On the other hand, Vlad says he chose CGS Romania to develop the “selling skill”, but also the ability to communicate with a stranger over the phone because he had noticed improvements in his brother behaviour, both in the way to ask questions and his perspective.

Radu and Vlad report that they first began to make bracelets when they were 8 and 6 respectively, only for them and a few friends.

Our father was a leather craftsman and we had materials and tools at hand. But again, it all started when I wanted to buy a bracelet. Searching, I noticed that there were not too many interesting patterns and the ones more aesthetic and qualitative had prices that easily jumped by 300 lei “, say our colleagues.

Thus, the two were set to work and began to perform the first line of bracelets for men by only using qualitative materials, with an elegant design at affordable prices.

Starting an early age I was keen to draw and create, and my parents have realized that I am also good at this. At age 6, I used to make leather bracelets with my brother, and it was a pleasure to create them and to wear them. Later I attended the art school classes in Sibiu, after I attended the Faculty of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca. Going back to Sibiu, I decided to start something of my own. I did not know what until I wanted to buy me a bracelet. I noticed that the models are few, of poor quality and high price considering the quality. It was then that I came up with the idea.

The first models appeared in early 2015 and now, Radu and Vlad have over 20 different models of bracelets, two models of unisex handbags and three types of belts both for men and women.

Vlad deals with the creative part, but they always communicate. Radu handles the sale and promotion, and the offers and prices are set together.

About the development whenever we are doing something, like two good brothers that we are, we meet, we discuss things totally random, but, in the end, everything fits perfectly, and when we put all head to head, we choose our duties and deadlines. Thus, things go smoothly with small hurdles here and there. Bracelets and belts are assembled manually, and bags are produced in a professional outsourcing factory which manufactures purses and handbags for famous companies, which offers a high quality to our products according to European standards. Currently, our products have reached the largest cities in the country, of course, in larger volume in Sibiu but also abroad, in countries such as Italy and England.